Hegemonic Masculinity

Hegemonic masculinity is an attitude and practices among superior men that bring gender inequality that involves domination over women and having power over subordinate men. Over the years, the subjects have been debated many times making it both personal and collective project in the society. Even though the government has been fighting it to make everyone feel equal, this has never been achieved as oppression against women continue in many countries. It reinforces gender inequality which makes it difficult to attain in practice. In as much as men would like to uphold it even at the price of their subordination, its approximation is harmful to them as well as the people around them.

Hegemonic masculinity makes men and women behave and interact in such a manner that depicts their gender identities. In this way, it reinforces gender inequality as men will try to act in such a manner that makes them superior to women.This can cause men to oppress women in society. However, some cultures are structured in such a way that makes women feel superior to men. As a result, in these societies, hegemonic masculinity will not be attainable in practice.Both men and women will try to make themselves superior leading to social conflict in areas such as politics and any other leadership position as they struggle for dominance

Men will try to uphold hegemonic masculinity even at the price of their subordination because the harm they receive from it is better than being a woman. As a result, men will try to do all things possible to make them superior over women even if the things they do are harmful to them. This is because hegemonic masculinity is more prevalent in women than men. Consequently, they will try to uphold their identity even if it is against their advantage to ensure that they remain superior.

Plural masculinity not only leads to inequality between men and women but also between men and men themselves. Men will try to conform to norms and behaviors that make them portray men identities. If any man fails to comply, he is oppressed, subordinated and marginalized in the society. Due to this struggle to adjust in men, hegemonic masculinity is harmful to them especially in a situation where a man fails to submit to social pressures to conform to excellent ideas of being a man. Consequently, those around the subordinated men also suffer because they have no male figure to protect them from oppression. Generally, an approximation of hegemonic masculinity is harmful not only to individual men, but also those around them.

In conclusion, although hegemonic masculinity cannot be attained in practice, it reinforces gender inequality between men and women as well as men and men. All men are subjected to social pressure that forces them to conform to some norm to remain men. Men who cannot be conformed to this social pressure become marginalized and subordinated. However, men will uphold it even at the price of their subordination for fear of being women. This is because it is more harmful in women than in men. Moreover, efforts to approximate it is detrimental to individual men and those around them especially when the men in the case are marginalized and subordinated in the society.

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