Highly Visible Business Leader

One of the highly visible business leaders is Howard Schultz. He is the Chief Executive Officer of Starbucks which is a successful beverage company. Schultz’s success can be attributed to his courage, humility, creativity, and handwork (Eades, n.d). Also, he employs a democratic leadership style whereby he welcomes the contributions of his subordinates and other shareholders. His democratic leadership approach cultivates a working environment that fosters fairness and creativity (Dubois et al., 2015).

The main characteristic that has helped Howard Schultz to handle conflict is his ability to listen to the issues being raised by the opposing party. He then works with his team to address these problems hence curing the issue that was causing dissatisfaction. Additionally, Schultz has mastered intercultural competence such that he can handle any vices that can fuel conflict.

However, Howard Schultz has some characteristics that hinder his ability to be an excellent leader. One of them is lack of self-control. For instance, he was involved in a bitter argument with Gary Payton in 2002(Notte, 2014). This confrontation shed a bad light on him since many people looked at him as a role model. Another poor characteristic of Howard Shultz is lack of effective negation skills. Most of the engagements that Schultz has participated in that require negotiation have failed. For instance, his attempts to convince the City of Seattle to provide funding for a new arena failed (Washburn, 2006).

The most appropriate way of handing Schultz’s negotiation incompetence is to establish a team of experts that will handle this role on his behalf. Alternatively, this team can advise him about the strategies that he can apply to conduct successful business transactions. In terms of lack of self-control, Shultz will have to make a deliberate effort to attain self-control.

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