Hiring Strategies

I think that the hiring strategies used by the top tech companies reveal the most latent traits of a job candidate for a couple of reasons. First, most of the questions asked are not rudimentary; hence no candidate would have rehearsed them. This method implies that the responses given by the candidates reflect innate capabilities, qualities, talents, and requirements needed for the job. Second, a strategy such as making sure something goes wrong during the interview presents a practical inconvenience likely to happen at work. Candidates who adapt promptly to the situation prove to have latent abilities to adjust to various hard conditions.

Among the hiring strategies discussed, the most “sneaky” is asking the candidate to solve the interviewer’s or the firm’s problem. The method is sly in two major ways. First, the questioner takes advantage of the free service provided by the candidate. For instance, the assessor could assign the applicant a task of taking calls in the event the secretary is out of the office for some time. Second, this strategy helps in verifying the interviewee’s ability to provide solutions to unseen problems. The candidate could approach a persistent challenge from a perspective different from that of the management of the company. This “sneaky” strategy, therefore, could be beneficial to the company.

Generally, I don’t think this strategy (asking the candidate to solve the interviewer’s or the company’s problem) is appropriate for three reasons. First, the approach is opportunistic. It exploits the candidates’ situation of joblessness for a free labor force. Second, it is a form of blackmail. Candidates may feel like for their applications to be considered for shortlisting, they must agree to solve some company’s problems that are responsibilities of the already employed people. Third, the strategy may taint the company’s image to the public. Unsuccessful candidates may decide to negatively talk about this strategy to other people, hence giving the firm a bad image.

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