HLT 305 Week 4 Discussion Questions

HLT 305 Week 4 Discussion Questions

Week 4 – DQ 1

Identify and defend an ethical issue around human reproduction. Utilize examples in your answer and cite sources appropriately.

Week 4 – DQ 2

What ethical issues surround the use of kidney dialysis machines? What roles do you think social or economic factors play in decisions? Do the rich and poor have the same access? What criteria would you use to decide who would receive dialysis if the resource was limited?

Week 4 – DQ 3

In health care there are often different backgrounds and beliefs present between medical staff and patients. What challenges and benefits do you see when working in a group setting? What are some suggestions of how conflict could be reduced while embracing the team approach between medical staff and patients?

Week 4 – DQ 4

What stakeholders might we see present when making health care decisions? How do we meet all of their expectations?