Holistic Nursing Model

Holistic nursing is a practice whose goal is to heal the whole person. A licensed holistic nurse approaches traditional nursing using the “mind-body-spirit-emotion-environment” and grounds the practice on the “living and being” philosophy (Practicalnursing.org). Holistic nursing uses a four-component model known as the bio-psycho-social-spiritual model (Ngugi & Olorunleke, 15). Furthermore, the biological component in the model emphasises on the anatomical, structural, and molecular aspects of the disease and how they affect the natural functioning of the patient. The psychological element looks at the psychodynamic aspects like a patient’s personality and motivation and the effects they have on the patient’s experience and reactions to the disease. The social component explores the patient’s culture and family concerning the existence of the illness. Lastly, the spiritual aspect is concerned with the individual’s religious beliefs. Therefore, a holistic nurse considers the four as interconnected and combines them to arrive at the goal of optimal healing.

In my previous workstation as an intern, I was assigned a Hispanic woman who had been involved in a car accident that left her without a left leg. In our conversations, she indicated that she was psychologically preoccupied before the crash because her husband had changed after losing his job and would sometimes be violent towards her. Based on our conversations, I knew i had to address her depression before she suffered any mental illness.

In addition to prescribing medication and dealing with the patient’s injuries, I made it my responsibility to make sure that she got psychological counselling to help her move away from the abusive relationship. Once i got to learn her nicknames and the names of her children, I made sure to provide the friendly atmosphere she so much needed. My therapeutic counsels emphasised on making her understand that she deserved better and that problems do not last a lifetime. Furthermore, I ensured that our interactions were sensitive to her culture, religion, and beliefs. After her stay in the hospital was over, I paid frequent visits and made calls to know how she was coping. We established a bond so strong that we still talk to date and according to her assessment, I am the most caring nurse she has ever met.


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