Home Depot and Nike Mission Statements

Home Depot

The company’s mission statement has met some of the prescribed criteria while at the same time it has failed to meet some. Among the areas that the mission has met the criteria is that it has tried to focus on the consumers. This emanates under the broad spectrum of corporate social responsibility. The mission statement outlines eight core values that the company holds dearly. All these values are intended to bring the necessary satisfaction to all the stakeholders of the organization. Providing the highest level of service, offering competitive prices and providing a variety of products works towards enhancing customer satisfaction.  The mission statement also tends to fit into the market environment that the company is operating. It is a market whose competition is increasing with time hence need for strategies to help the organization gain competitive advantage. The aspect has been showcased by way of offering a variety of products and competitive prices. These are among the things that can help an organization lock its current customers from being poached. It also inspires employees’ commitment since their welfare is taken care of based on the company’s core values.  Employees have been and will always be among the most valuable resources of any organization (Hitt & Ireland, 2010). The mission statement is realistic since with the practice of corporate social responsibility all the stakeholders will work in partnership to ensure that everything goes as planned.

However, the mission statement has failed to meet some elements used in the criteria of evaluation. Despite the mission statement being essay to understand, it is not that memorable since it has included several things like the core values. Readers will have to refer now and then to remember everything to its precision. It has also not explained who the company’s customers are and how their needs will be met. Not knowing who the target consumers makes it difficult to ascertain whether the mission statement is the most appropriate for that type of audience. The core values only state that excellent customer service will be availed, but it has not outlined how this will be achieved. Mentioning the channels that are going to be used is important since it gives the readers an initiative of what to anticipate if they become part of the target consumers. The company has also not outlined how it would want to be remembered. Many companies in this industry have the ability to offer competitive prices, a variety of products and a high level of service.



Nike’s mission statement also has some elements that meet the criteria while others do not. To begin with, the mission statement is short, sharply focused and precise. It makes it easy for any reader to memorize it and remember at a future date (Hollister, 2008). The mission statement also focuses on satisfying the needs of consumers. It has not touched on anything to do with the company’s products but has preferred to focus on customer satisfaction. The mission statement has gone ahead and stated who the customers are. In addition to this, it states that it serves the global market. As a result, athletes that did not know of its existence to realize that through this company they can get various accessories that they need for their activities. The statement has also mentioned the needs that it aims at satisfying. They are bringing innovation and inspiration to athletes. As consumers, they surely need advanced products that are more superior to what they have at present. This can only be attained by way of innovation. When it comes to inspiration, this will depend on the quality of products being offered by the company. The mission is applicable in the market since Nike competes with other top-notch brands hence levels of innovation need to high in order to maintain its relevance. It is also realistic since it only requires having appropriate individuals in various departments and ensuring that they all work in partnership.

However, it fails to meet some of the criteria. The mission statement does not explain how the needs of the customers will be satisfied. It is important to mention since there are many ways they can be delivered, and might not be in accordance with what prospective customers want. It is also difficult to tell whether the statement has the ability to inspire and motivate employees’ commitment. This is because it does not show any aspect of corporate social reasonability. Consumer satisfaction might be brought about at the expense of the employees. It has also not outlined how the company wants to be remembered. When it comes to innovations and inspirations, a lot of companies are doing that, so it is not something unique.


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