Homeschooling is the education of children that is carried out at home or any other place. This kind of education can be facilitated by an online teacher, tutor or parent.In most cases, the parent homeschools their children becausethey want to protect them from bad influences and peer pressure.The thing that these parents fail to understand that they should not focus on the short term but rather the long term adverse effects. This is because missing out of school experiences is a detrimental effect on the future child life. In school kids learn how to follow orders from the individuals in charge; this is an essential aspect in life. In the ground, they learn to socialize with their peers and build a relationship with those who they share the same interests with.The review, therefore, focuses on the arguments against homeschooling.


In conclusion, among the most important chores that parents can do to their children, why would they choose to deprive them of quality education and important life skills? The idea of homeschooling is an irrelevant building block in an individual’s life. When a child fails to meet with fellow peers in school, he/she may miss critical aspects of his childhood. They fail to understand how the works to make life successful. Schools are like a society where children grow, learn and adapt to variouslife challenges. Homeschooling, therefore, is bad because it denies the child all these opportunities.

The focus of the essay

The essay is an Informative argumentative; this is because the theme tries to convince the reader on the reason why homeschooling is bad. The composition also convinces the parents to take action and failure to do that; the homeschooling children will be impacted negatively. For instance, they will lack socialization skills.

Essay formatting

There is a problem with the essay formatting.

There are also more than six mistakes in the essay as shown below.

Spelling mistake

1)There are other people who claim that homeschooling would keep their children form bullying


2) Another reason for home schooling to be removed.


1. There are other people who claim that home schooling would keep their children from bullying.

2) Anotherreason for homeschooling to be removed.



1.      The 3rd paragraph.



2.      The 2nd paragraph.

Punctuation mistake

1)…and for this reason it is one of the skills that students should have,(missing comma between reason and it)

2)….being lost with 30 students in one classroom; but this is not true.(Used semicolon instead of a comma).


1)…and for this reason, it is one of the skills that students should have.


2)….being lost with 30 students in one classroom, but this is not true.


1.      The 2nd paragraph.



2.      The 3rd paragraph

Word omission

1)….just to keep them from bullying.

2)….instead of being lost with 30 other students in one classroom.


1)…..just to keep them awayfrom bullying

2)….instead of being lost with other 30 students in the classroom.


1)      3rd paragraph.


2)      3rd paragraph.

Wrong word

1) The homeschooling system is mainly found and built on focusing on the academic side only.

2) ….anotherreason for homeschooling to be removed is that homeschooling affect the student’s ability to do teamwork.



1) Homeschooling system focuses on the academic side only.


2) ….another reason for homeschooling to be removed is that it affect the student’s ability to do teamwork.



1)      The 1stparagraph



2)      The 3rd paragraph


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