How earned media affects Oreo’s image and consumers’ attitude

How earned media affects Oreo’s image and consumers’ attitude

Following the post on Facebook by ‎Robin Peterman Haseltine‎ in 2016 about understate of the Oreo cookies, the company has received much complains from its customers threatening to abandon its product. Such post makes other customers view it negatively as a company that is not able to deliver the best quality product to its customers. As such, it is at risk of losing them. Facebook is a site that connects many people around the world, and any bad information posted on it by any person must give the company a bad image. The rising complains by Facebook users can also make the health department to investigate the issue to know the truth about it. If the complains are right, they can decide to close the company as it does not meet the standard required for the production of food products.

The various complaints showed that the customers are not happy with the cookies. Customers who are not aware of the change in the taste can also get sensitized which change their attitude after reading the post. One of such cases is the post from Michele Sabol Bleiler who said that “They taste different. Been eating Oreos my whole life and I could tell right away something has changed. Thanks to the post from Robin above I checked my package, and sure enough, they were made in Mexico. If I can’t get the US cookies in my store, you will be losing a lifelong customer.” This shows that the customer was not aware of the change in the taste but starts to develop negative attitude through reading the post. This clearly shows how Facebook is sensitive and can give a company a bad image as well as a change in the customers’ trust in the products.


Importance of managing a company’s communication

Managing the company’s communication about the brand is very important as it gives that company a good image as well as the necessary information to their stakeholders. It is a tool that the company can use to inform, persuade and enlighten its customers about their products. On the other hand, they use it to communicate to the stakeholder about the brand of the company as well as the values about the offering of their products. When it is managed, the company will be assured of boosting its customers’ confidence in their products and also making the stakeholder have confidence in the management of the firm.

To retain customers and ensure that they attract new ones, Oreo managers should apply some strategies that give them a good image and win the customers trust. First, they should apologize to the customers on the undertaste in their products and promise them on the improved quality in as soon as possible. For the intermediaries who have purchased the products to sell to the customers, they should be compensated because through the post, and they are already losing customers. Further, they should give an offer to the customers such as allowing them to purchase the improved quality of the product at a low price to encourage them. To ensure that the customers have a positive attitude towards them, they should create a platform where the customers send their comments which they should take seriously to help them improve the quality of the products. The close relationship with the customers is essential in winning their trust and will make them have a positive attitude towards them. Also, they can do a constant advertisement that informs the customers of the improved quality of the products.