How Instagram is changing travel

How Instagram is changing travel

Many individuals are naturally in love with photographs of nature and the natural topography of the earth. The love of nature and places is enhanced by the ability of Individuals to share memories of the most exciting places in the world using social media platforms. These platforms enable millions of individuals around the world to view such photos and therefore create a desire in them to get such sweet moments in such places. Instagram is one of the platforms that have had a strong influence on the sharing of such videos and photos. This discussion focuses on how instagramhas influenced the number of individuals willing to travel across the world for special memories.

Instagram is a social media platform that helpsindividuals to share memories of special places in the world. A photograph posted on the platform always reaches many individuals. A person who did not know about the site will instantly have a desire to research on that particular place and will love to travel to the site for that particular memory too.  Therefore, the number of people visiting has drastically increased for the last six years of theoperations of instagram. It indicates a strong influence of the platform to the travel industry across the world.

It is the nature of a man to explore. There is also a feeling of fear for most people about going to places they know nothing about. With the introduction of social media platform, there was an increase in the spread of informationabout places and the unique things of particular interest that is found in such places. This information gave individuals courage and purposes to travel to such places. The information gathered about the topography and thespecial places and things to encounter during the travel gives traveller prior information before making a decision to travel. The information gathered; therefore, enable a traveller to prepare for the challenges.  Asresults many people are willing to travel to places they have adequate information about, a role that instagram plays.

Today, the number of tourists has increased so much to places which individuals did not know about previously. The exposure by instagram influences the information which, in turn make individuals to visit such places.  This influence is proved by a case of a man who took a photo while sitting on top of Trolltinga while overlooking LakeRingedaIsvanet in Norway. He then shared a photo on instagram. This caption led to an increase in the number of individuals who visited that place in an annual basis from 500 to 4000 per year.  It is a factor that proves a positive influence of instagram in the travel industry.

In conclusion, the role of instagram in the tourism sector is evident in various forms. Apartfrom helping in the spread of information about places of interest in the world, it has influenced the desire of individuals to visit such places.  It is created by the curiosity of individualsto have a first-hand experience on such places without relying on the photos.  There has been an increase in the number of people traveling to places that   are posted in instagram. In many cases, it leads to a multiplication of such visitors like in the case of a hike in Lake RingedaIsvanet. It is therefore a major influencing factor in changing the travel industry.

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