How to Lose your Virginity

This extract shows how the role of parenting has changed with time. Children and teenagers are learning various life experiences from movies that they watch. Most of these movies are just designed to make as much sales as possible hence the aspect of morality is not of the most concern. It is upon parents to try and regulate the content that their children get from movies. It is saddening that parents sign permission slips to allow their teenagers go and view a movie that might have negative repercussions in their lives. At their age, they will tend to be curious and every piece of information availed to them will be a subject of experiment. Ferris and Angel are filled with the desire of exploring and experimenting the sexual adventures that the just experienced from the theatre. They go to the extent of making a bet on who would lose her virginity first. This is very dangerous since they are naive, and have limited knowledge of practicing safe sex. It is upon parents and teachers to take the initiative of educating teenagers on matters to do with sexuality. Failure to do this will result in them getting the information from other sources that might be misleading.


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