How to Prepare for an Earthquake

How to Prepare for an Earthquake


The earth tends to experience approximately 500,000 earthquakes every year, which are normally detected by relevant instruments. Almost 100 of these result to destruction, and 100,000 are always felt (Kusky 39). Earthquakes normally come with negative consequences once they hit. They result to destruction of property and death of people. Most of the deaths that happen are as a result of how people respond once there is an earthquake (Kusky 39). People need access to more information about earthquakes in order to be aware of what do in case one is experienced. Over the years, earthquakes have caused a lot of deaths, some of which could have been avoided.


”An earthquake is a geological event in which rock masses below the surface of the earth suddenly shift, releasing energy and sending out strong vibrations to the surface” (Environmental Encyclopedia).

Most earthquakes occur as a result of movements occurring along fault lines, which can be regarded as fractures in the earth’s crust.



Emergence of earthquakes has been associated with destruction of property on numerous occasions. In 1906, the San Francisco earthquake resulted to $524 million in property damage (Environmental Encyclopedia). Most of the damage came as a result of the ensuing fire resulting from the earthquake. The Long Beach earthquake of 1933 also resulted to destruction of property worth $50 million (Environmental Encyclopedia). This earthquake resulted to the enactment of the state’s Field Act that required strict building code standards in order to have strong structures. This was due to the damage that had been caused by the earthquake. This Chile, 1960 earthquake also resulted to damage of property worth $675 (Environmental Encycl

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