How to protect the environment

How to protect the environment


The world holds more than 7 billion people. Out of this, more than half are involved in various activities that result in environmental pollution and energy consumption. To sustain these activities, the environment has to be conserved and protected.The activities that people are involved in results in wasting the resources, consuming energy and polluting the environment. Environmental conservation involves reducing the wastes released by the people, conserving the energy so that it can be used for a long time and promoting sustainable energy as well as preventing any form of environmental pollution.

Reducing pollution involved planting trees and cleaning the environment periodically. Reducing pollution involves campaigning against the disposal of plastics and other wastes as one way that one would protect the environment. Plastics disposed of unnecessarily have led to the loss of marine life and millions other birds die from ingesting the wastes and choking from plastics. Eliminating unnecessary plastics is one of the first steps towards achieving a perfect environment. This process involves using plastics that are reusable or using traveling bags instead of plastic water bottles. Using grocery bags can help eliminate polythene papers. Conserving energy is the other method that can be used to protect the environment. Energy conservation involves reducing the consumption of energy by limiting the services that are consuming energy. Several methods can be used to achieve environmental protection by efficiently using energy or regularly using less energy. An example is by driving less to limit the energy used by the car. One can also reduce heating and cooling to conserve energy while at home. Setting clothes washers to use warm water and turning down the water heaters are some of the basic methods of energy conservation.When people walk and take public transportation, they release energy into the environment. Conserving energy involved basic steps such as turning off the lights while not being used and unplugging some of the appliances when they are not in use. Conserving water is also an important step towards water conservation and eventually energy conservation.

Preventing pollution reduces the damages to the environment as it limits extraction. There are several approaches to preventing pollution such as increasing energy use and efficient use of environmentally friendly procedures. Pollution prevention practices include; limiting wastes and improving public health.  they also include reducing the use of chemicals and adapting pesticides that are less environmentally harmful.When applied properly, they reduce financial costs and allows for waste management of the environment. Environmental pollution leads to health problems and damages to the environment that may not be recovered. Prevention protects the environment and conserves its natural resources while also strengthening the economy. The most efficient industries use efficient energy production methods while also considering environmental production.

In conclusion, there are several benefits of protecting the environment. Therefore, it’s important to learn how to protect the environment. Environmental protection involves reducing the wastes and conserving energy consumed. Environmental protection involves campaign against plastic disposal and using non-plastic water bottles. Reducing the wastes that are disposed into the sea helps in preserving the aquatic lives that die from choking and consuming the plastics and bottles. When it comes to energy conservation, people have to limit the use of energy and conserve water. Turning off the appliances and lights when not being used is one of the first initiative some conserving energy. Instead of driving cars, people should take public vehicles to work at shorter distances. This limit the energy that is consumed in driving. Preventing pollution involves using energy sources that do not pollute the environment and cars that are efficient. For those involved in farming, they should use pesticides and fertilizers that are less environmentally friendly.

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