How to Stimulate a 7-Month-Old’s Physical Development

How to Stimulate a 7-Month-Old’s Physical Development

Learning Activity – Physical Development

The title of the short video is “Stimulating a Baby’s Physical Development: How to Stimulate a 7-Month-Old’s Physical Development.”

The presenter of the short video is Dr. Donna

The physical setting includes a couch where the doctor is sitting and has placed some toys and a table which holds many of the toys. Many of the toys found on the table are those she eventually uses to demonstrate her tips on promoting the child’s physical development. She further holds a doll she uses to represent the child and uses it to illustrate many of the activities later on in the video. The table holds toys like balls, musical instruments, and a pillow. The setting also includes lamp shade and its stand which seem not to be as important for what she is demonstrating but helps improve the overall appearance of the setting.

Dr. Donna recommends seven activities that can be helpful in the physical development of the child at seven months. She refers to the first activity as the tag of war session which involves the use of a scarf or bandana. The scarf or bandana represents the prop for this activity, and they are used to enhance the interaction between the child and the grown-up. The activity helps the child to reach-out, hold-on and follow through any activity the child engages in. The second activity is the obstacle course where she recommends the parent to place soft obstacles such as pillows and inflatable mats around the house so that the child can climb, crawl or move over them. The activity helps in enhancing the child’s movement using hands and feet. The third activity is mainly recommended for children who have not started crawling. Dr. Donna encourages parents to place the child in the crawling position and place some toys in front of the child for him or her to reach out and grab these toys. The activity helps in enhancing the child’s upper body strength. The fourth activity is recommended for the development of finer motor skills where she recommends the use of little pincher foods. She also advises parents to ensure that the child can handle these foods and not choke on them. The fifth activity helps in developing the child’s gross motor skills, and it involves the use of musical instruments. She advises the parent to place the mantle in the child’s hands and let them pound on the toy keyboard. It helps advance the gross motor skills in the child’s hands. The sixth activity helps in improving the child’s standing, reaching and grabbing abilities. Here the doctor recommends the parent to tie a rope between two sturdy chairs and place the balls on the rope for the child to reach out and grab the ball. The final activity involves the use of bubbles, and the doctor asks parents to blow bubbles in the child’s reach and let them reach for the bubbles and blow them. It helps enhance their gross motor skills.

It is clear from the video that physical development for the child is as crucial as any other form of development which requires parents to identify the best activities that will help enhance these skills. These activities need to involve physical objects especially toys the child can see and develop the interest to engage with. It is also necessary that the parent includes activities that help advance both gross and finer motor skills. Overall, the activities need to focus on all parts of the child’s body from the hands to the legs to help ensure holistic development.

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