How will the misfit change in taking his experience with the family into the real world?

How will the misfit change in taking his experience with the family into the real world?

In taking his experience to the real world, the Misfit will realize that the world does not give room to people that do not know the value of living right. As much as there is so much evil in the world everyone is looking for individuals that are good. Besides, the world does not support people that think they are good yet they are not. In other words, the world looks for people that are honest to themselves. If one feels that they are wrong, then they should be ready to live the dangerous life. On the other hand, if one thinks they are right, they should live up to the later. The world is not prepared for people who are in between. “I call myself The Misfit […] because I can’t make what all I done wrong fit what all I gone through in punishment.” (129) he will realize that he has to fit somewhere.

In the real world, he would realize that people even get punished for the mistakes that they do not know. It was a head doctor who said what I had done was kill my daddy, but I know that for a lie. My daddy died in nineteen ought nineteen of the epidemic flu, and I never had a thing to do with it. He was buried in the Mount Hopewell Baptist churchyard and you can go there and see for yourself.” (117). He will come to the realization that these are common cases. You think that you are not guilty yet you will have to pay for that mistake that you did not do. It is a world where other that has made mistakes go scot-free while good guys rot in jail. He will thus need to embrace the life of crime even though he did not anticipate it.

In the real world, the misfit would have to stop lying. The real world frowns totally on people that tell lies. Not only will such a person lack friends but he will also not have people to help them even in times of trouble. He says “ain’t recalled it to this day” (113). Everyone remembers the mistakes they did and the cause of the misery that one is going through. So the idea of lying to people that you do not know the cause of your problems might not fit into the real world. You have to get accountable for your actions.

He will also realize that the world is not such a right place for nihilist. You can’t argue that something is wrong yet you do not agree to be punished for those crazy things that you have done even those who get away with the crazy things they have don’t always know that they deserve the punishment. The criminal argues that “I found out the crime doesn’t matter. You can do one thing, or you can do another, kill a man or take a tire off his car, because sooner or later you’re going to forget what it was you done and just be punished for it.” (123). that is not true in the real world. In this part of the world crime matter if you do something wrong there are consequences to it.

In the real world, he would also learn that religion requires so sort to believe even if you have not seen. He argues that “I wisht I had of been there,” he said, hitting the ground with his fist. “It ain’t right I wasn’t there because if I had of been there I would of known. Listen lady,” he said in a high voice, “if I had of been there I would of known and I wouldn’t be like I am now.” (136). This is merely the case of every Christian. They have some small faith about Jesus, yet they do not know how to stop believing in the same Jesus. Therefore, the misfit would have realized that it is not alone and that this is not a thing to get mad over.

The misfit represents many of the things that tend to happen in the contemporary world. There are those that are punished for crimes they did not commit, while others are not penalized for crimes they committed. It is a world that is full of unfairness, and thus one should live in it without trying so hard to change it.



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