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Job Analysis

Job analysis is considered to be an essential Human Resource tool in the sense that it establishes requirements associated with a job. Through job analysis, an employee can know their duties and responsibilities concerning a role as well as the skills need for that specific job. On the other hand, the Human resource office in an organization can establish an organizational structure.

The structure created using job analysis includes the training of employees in all aspects as needs arise, compensations and benefits of the employees that is what is to be compensated and how much is to be paid depending on the job group. The health and safety of the position is also an aspect of job analysis.  Legal consideration is another area covered by the job analysis about the job and the employee.

The Human Resource needs to use job analysis most often since there is always a job opening in organizations. Job analysis is necessary so that the skills and competencies required for a particular job opening can be established such as the how well the candidate should be qualified, age, experience and skills that a candidate should meet. Additionally, job analysis will help determine the best candidate for the position after evaluation of the applications.

Components of a Job Description

A job description is a document that contains information which helps the prospective employee knows what is needed in a particular job.  A good job description should have the following detailed components; a title, job summary, duties and responsibilities, qualifications, working conditions, benefits and salary (Dierdorff, & Morgeson 2007).

A title is the first component that should appear on a job description; it should be a brief statement or word that describes the position of the job. An example of a job title can be "cashier" or "secretary," they are just words that may seem tedious, but they help the potential employee grasp what is needed immediately. The second component

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