Human Resource Management

With the idea of expanding the Salty Pawz business, Wanda has to employ other people to help her manage the business. A major task she has is motivating the employees.  Motivating the employees is essential in the success of the business. Motivated employees are more productive as compared to unmotivated employees (Dhanoa, 2014). Wanda will definitely have to motivate the new employees to make her expansion successful.  Wanda intends to employ individuals to fill the following positions, manager, production supervisor, customer service, and biscuit makers.

An important reason why Wanda needs to motivate her employees is that they are a representative of the company. If the employees do not like their job, they will make the business look bad in the eyes of potential customers. In addition, motivated employees are easier to retain as compared to unmotivated employees. Hiring and training new employees is expensive so the need to retain employees. If the few employees Wanda intends to employ are not motivated, other employees she employs later will be affected by the mood. It will be hard for a non-motivated manager to motivate those below.

Margie the retail manager is 23 years old. She is a graduate from a community college having graduated with an A.S. in business. She has however not decided whether to pursue a bachelor degree.  Her growth needs is a good are of motivation. As retail, manager, she will be responsible for the day-to-day running of the business.  It is evident that Margie is considering going back to school though she has not made a decision. Wanda can motivate her by encouraging her to pursue a degree. This will make her feel like the company care s about her welfare. In addition, being a retail manager means she will be interacting with other employees. Wanda can take her for management seminars and forums to improve on her skills.

Matt, the production supervisor is well experienced having worked with a local store. He is also handy with tools and Wanda counts on him to perform some light maintenance work. Recognizing his skills in it is a motivation for Matt. I think Wanda should also compensate him for the maintenance work. He is employed as a production supervisor not a maintenance man. Thus, it is good for Wanda to recognize his effort and compensate him for it. This wills keep him motivated. Again, having been laid off in his earlier job, Matt must be concerned about the security of his job.  Wanda should add more responsibility to him for him to feel he is needed around.

Elsie, who is 58 years old, will be working in Customer Service department.  She is widowed and has never worked outside of her home. Customer service requires someone with excellent interaction skills. Her major motivation of working for Wanda is to be closer to her children. Wanda has to make her shift her motivation from her children to working. She can do this by respecting her like a mother first. Once she feels loved and cared for, more responsibility can be added to her so that she can feel to be part of the business.

Franny and Zooey are long time friends of Wanda. They have been helping her on part time basis. They already have the experience with the business and thus easy to integrate them in. they are birth in their early thirties and have children. They plan to bake at night for the sake of the children. If Wanda developed a baby care unit in the business, it would enable her friends and other employees to bring their children to work.  With their children near them, they will be able to concentrate on their work.

To ensure there is commitment and enthusiasm, I would recommend that Wanda employ a number of management strategies. First, employees have career aspirations. Every employee aspires to grow career wise.  Wanda should employ a growth strategy. This strategy allows the employees to advance in their career. Advancing in career involves advancing in education too.  When developing laws and policies, Wanda should integrate the need for some employees to advance their education. She should also be in the forefront of encouraging her employees to advance their careers (Stringham, 2012).

Another important strategy is leading by example. Wanda should be a good example to her employees. Wanda should be ready to offer maximum help to her employees in any way they need. Having started the business on her own, she has much experience about everything herself. She has to pass the experience to the employees through directing them.

With the expansion of the business, there are different departments to be involved. Wanda is used to managing people but she has to learn to do that now. Again, the employees are different with different aspirations and dreams. Managing them successfully is not simple. It requires strategic planning.  The employees should be involved in the planning and decision making stages. This will ensure that the employees feel important and needed.



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