Human Resource Management Questions

Question 1

Gore is applying payment strategy of internal and external fairness. This means that their compensation is transparent and fair enough within the corporation. The firm’s pay scale is higher than other rival companies. Team members are ranked according to their contribution to the entity. The other members support grading by giving their views. They also pinpoint the strengths or improvements.


  1. This method allows the participants to rank the team members directly.
  2. The entire process is transparent as all the people are given a chance to access the available information.
  3. Assessment done by co-workers will give an actual state of affairs in the company. It is more reliable than the evaluation done by strangers.


  1. Members can influence one another for a better ranking.
  2. The strategy can result in unhealthy competition in the corporation. This is because of their compensation plan that is open to any member.
  3. Those members who are responsible for grading can misuse their power to influence others to make particular decisions.

Question 2

Gore is executing its objective of internal fairness and external effectiveness that is exceptional in the modern market. The corporation is assessing team members according to their efforts. Additionally, it is also offering competitive pay for its members. The technique of cross assessment might attain internal impartiality. The excellent pay will also assist in retaining workers in the organization.

Question 3

Gore is currently making an excellent impression on clients. Every member has a role to play in the cross evaluation process. It makes them feel a sense of belonging in the company. As a result, they are honored as they are given a chance to evaluate their workmates. Therefore, the participative approach and fairness depicted by the entity influence me to join the corporation.



Armstrong, M., & Taylor, S. (2017). Armstrong’s handbook of human resource management practice. London: Kogan Page.


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