Human Resource and Organization Performance

The human  resource department is considered one the key department in any organization. This is for the reason that it is tasked with ensuring that the human resources being recruited into the organization have the correct skills and right expertise that will help the organization in achieving its goals and objective while at the same time realizing the overall organizational mission.

How can human resource management strategically contribute to the organization’s mission and vision on a daily basis?

Human resource can contribute to the organization’s mission and vision through integrating decisions about people with decisions about the results an organization is trying to obtain. This can encompass the integration of human resource management into the organization’s planning process, and emphasizing human resource activities that support the overall mission goals of the organization, as well as developingstrong relationships between the human resource manager and management. This will have the overall effect of ensuring that the management of human resources contributes to mission accomplishment and that managers are held accountable for their human resource management decisions.

What skills might Juanita have to develop to better fulfill her role?

Rich Ryblessin, the director of regional services identified various areas which he considered and voiced as spheres that were lagging behind and needed to be addressed. Bearing in mind that Juanita is the human resource manager and these concern areas recline towards human resource, it is advisable that Juanita develop skills which go towards equipping her with the dexterities that can enable her address these concerns. Therefore, Juanita needs to develop skills that touch on assessmentand design of work, management of employee performance,compliance with labor laws, recruitment and selection, employee work place relations, compensation and benefits, training and development as well as personnel policies and strategies for supporting the mission.

How might Juanita engage line managers to become more involved in what has traditionally been HR’s function in this organization? Why?

In order to convince line managers to become more engaged in Human resource functions in the organization, Juanita can explain to them the increased important role of the human resource department in ensuring that the organization achieves its overall mission. She can expound on the increased strategic role that the department plays in ensuring that all the organization and employee’s actions relate to the organization missions and objectives stated in the strategic plan. This is for the reason that for an organization to achieve its objectives, it requires collective action from all the departments and stakeholders in order to ensure that the individual action of every department is undertaken with overall objective of achieving the organization objectives. Additionally, the involvement of line managers in human resource management functions ensures that there is efficient and effective utilization of organization resources and there is maximum participation by employees in organizational tasks, thereby resulting to smooth functioning of the organization (Luoma & University of Vaasa, 2000).

Which aspects of human resource management would she want to entrust to specialists?

Perhaps one component of human resource management which Juanita can entrust to specialists is the part that involves the organization compliance with the law. This is because she seemed not completely conversant with this section of labor practices and that is why she was necessitated to read and do research on laws and regulations that the organization could have been violating and to better understand how the organization can use such laws to their advantage.



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