Human Resource Services

As a human resource professional, there are a variety of issues that I am likely to face and that may interfere with my values. In such a case, I may be faced with hard choices whereby each option would be characterized by its implications. Ethical values and standards are essential in ensuring that the assets of any given organization are safeguarded. Assets include the workforce as well as the customers who are the main elements that promote performance and profitability in any given organization. Ethical standards also help human resource professionals to make viable decisions and appropriate choices for the benefit of their career development as well as for the entire organization at large. Human service professionals respond to human needs as problems and they are supposed to be appreciative to human diversity as it may be exhibited in their organizations. Such individuals are expected to assist clients while considering their communities and environments. They are, therefore, supposed to uphold integrity as well as the ethics of profession which would, in turn, enable them to promote client and community well-being while improving their growth professionally.

One of the issues that I am likely to find myself in as a professional is that of relationship affairs with aclient. Considering that clients are humans who also have feelings and emotions, a client may develop a strong relationship with me that may end up uncovering into an affair even without my consent. In such a case, the client may want us to engage in sexual activities, which would, in turn, make my values an ethical issue. In case I find myself in such a situation, the ethical model and code of ethics that I would apply is that of responsibility to clients standard 6 which covers details about engagement in sexual behavior with clients.

According to the model, sexual and other romantic relationships with current clients are prohibited. I am supposed to carry out an in-depth evaluation of the potential harm that is likely to occur following such an engagement and involvement in sexual behavior. I would try all my best to ensure that I maintain my relationships with my clients and further control such relationships so that they do not beyond limits where they would end up causing more harm than good. As a human service professional, I am expected to assist clients while at the same time bearing in mind that the company depends on such assistance to build positive client relationships which further lead to increased loyalty among the clients for the benefit of the organization. Before allowing myself to enter in such sexual and romantic relationships with former clients, their family members and friends, I would, first of all, evaluate all the impacts that such an engagement would have on the organization and refrain from such in case I found out that it held adverse effects to the company.

In conclusion, human service professionals are individuals who are entitled to ensuring that a company builds its relations with its clients by providing any essential assistance that would help such clients to trust the organization. Sexual and romantic engagements between the human service professionals and the clients of an organization are likely to bear significant adverse implications. As a result, the professionals are advised to evaluate the possible outcomes of any engagements with the clients of an organization and refrain from sexual and romantic relationships that could result in harmful effects to the company.

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