Human Resource

Discussion Topic 2: HR-Business Strategy

HR-business strategy refers to the actions taken by the organization that would help it achieve more value from the people. Human resource managers always engage in a continuous journey towards ensuring all aspects of the organization works in harmony through managing the human capital. The components of HR-business strategy include the organization’s vision, mission, values, key priorities and objectives, and strategic pillars.

Discussion Topic 3: HR as a Competitive Resource

Effective human resource practices offer a better competitive advantage than equipment and building due to the following reasons. First, an organization can hire professionals with experience. The existence of highly skilled employees makes the organization to offer superior products whereby they can charge a premium price (Kearns, 2010). For instance, with luxury products, companies compete based on the quality. Similarly, effective human resource practices include recruitment of specialists who understand the strategic goal of the company and can play a critical role in ensuring the business succeeds. Second, effective human resource practices have tools that monitor the performance of employees. Human resource professionals with the ability to design and review employee can advise the organization on how to groom employees and spot talents (Kearns, 2010). Moreover, they can provide employees with specific training that will help the organization devise opportunities for growth thus gaining a competitive advantage.



Kearns, P. (2010). HR strategy: Creating business strategy with human capital. Routledge.


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