Human Rights

The author of this article argues about the oppression of the poor by those in power. The Republic of Rwanda exercised totalitarian leadership that subjected the citizens to mandatory communal work. This leadership is undemocratic thus resulting in political discontent in the region. Not every individual is happy with this leadership since it is only the poor who suffer while the rich enjoy.

In summary, the author tries to explain the political instability and inequality in Rwanda. According to the author, during the reign of Habyarimana, people in Rwanda lived in extreme poverty. While the majority of the population were living below the poverty line, those in power were enjoying the resources. The unstable economic conditions of the country resulted in increased taxes and forced labor (Gourevitch 81). The poor also suffered in the hands of corrupt government officials. Additionally, the author talks about fatal illnesses in the region. The article explains that the locals regarded sorcery and poisoning as the cause of the illness (Gourevitch 80). Moreover, due to the unrest in the country, people lost trust and confidence in others. For instance, in Rwanda, when you visit a restaurant, it is recommended that the waiter serves you with the bottle caps on for fear of poisoning.

Another issue that is being talked in this article is the murder of innocent people. Every individual has the right to live. However, in a situation when one goes against the will of the authority, they get assassinated. The article provides an example of Dian Fossey who was killed with a machete. Also, the defendant of the case was hanged before testifying in the case (Gourevitch 78). These incidences portray the brutality in our society. The question I would like to ask is that why did Western countries turn a blind eye towards the dictatorship in Rwanda?


Work Cited

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