Human Service Agencies

Across the United States, there are several human service agencies tasked with the goal of promoting well-being through the extension of necessary human services within their areas of operation. The agencies have been instrumental in the provision of education to the disabled and supporting income among the developmentally challenged individuals. In this regard, human service agencies are instrumental in the provision of necessary needs within the designated localities. Although they cannot meet all the needs of the different families, they effectively provide their services to the needy. For instance, they help people in the attainment of employment thus indirectly supporting hundreds of families annually. In addition, these agencies help on aspects such as health coverage and food provision to the homeless persons.

The provision of human services is a positive step in any society. However, my opinion is that the process could be a catalyst for poverty in the country. By providing needs to people that can work to earn income, the agencies encourage dependence among the people. My views are that people with ability should not be provided with human services but should be given a channel to work and gen

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