Human Service Agencies

Across the United States, there are several human service agencies tasked with the goal of promoting well-being through the extension of necessary human services within their areas of operation. The agencies have been instrumental in the provision of education to the disabled and supporting income among the developmentally challenged individuals. In this regard, human service agencies are instrumental in the provision of necessary needs within the designated localities. Although they cannot meet all the needs of the different families, they effectively provide their services to the needy. For instance, they help people in the attainment of employment thus indirectly supporting hundreds of families annually. In addition, these agencies help on aspects such as health coverage and food provision to the homeless persons.

The provision of human services is a positive step in any society. However, my opinion is that the process could be a catalyst for poverty in the country. By providing needs to people that can work to earn income, the agencies encourage dependence among the people. My views are that people with ability should not be provided with human services but should be given a channel to work and generate their income. I am of the opinion that only the elderly and the people with disabilities should receive these services. Also, I am more biased against men because I believe they should work for their families. In contrast, I would most likely help women and especially those with children because they require more of these services.

The human service agencies require people of goodwill and those that are compassionate enough to the needy. All these are requirements that I have and can effectively execute the assigned tasks. However, my personal opinions and biases could work against my entry into human services for a number of reasons. For instance, my opinion that the services should be limited to the elderly and the people with disabilities could disqualify my application. In addition, my personal bias towards women would also make me ineligible as I would discriminate against needy men. It is my belief that these opinions and biases would affect my performance in the human services.

Despite my opinions and biases, I still think that I would be useful in the human service agencies. Moreover, these are views that are held by a majority of the people that I have interacted with and are therefore not unique. In the course of my performance, I would personally change my perspective towards needy people and the beliefs of who ought to receive assistance and who should not. Also, I would understand that the views I hold are my personal opinion and would thus apply professionalism in the execution of my tasks. In fact, the reliance on the agency’s policy and ethics would help in suppressing my personal opinions. Furthermore, I would have a personal relationship with the target population to understand their needs including the men. This way, my personal biases can be quashed due to a better understanding of their needs. Sometimes we are not aware of how our opinions are misinformed until we interact with the issues that we are quick to give an opinion about (Woodside & McClam, 2014). Experiencing the actual situation tends to change the way we think on some issues.

Although the agencies have been effective in the execution of their tasks and the uplifting of families, there is room for improvement. For instance, the agencies cannot effectively handle all the needs of the community without the help of other stakeholders. A holistic approach should be adopted in which the agencies combine with other players to deliver the services. In this respect, large-scale programs such as the American Red Cross should chip in to help in the provisions of these services. In particular, the provision of services such as medical health and evacuation services in times of calamities and danger require large-scale programs. Most programs that are initiated in good faith tend to fail due to lack of collaboration. We live in a world with a variety of dynamics hence issues ought to be handled in a holistic manner in order to actualize the desired goals (Woodside & McClam, 2014). Stakeholders in different agencies should work in partnership to ensure that the efforts of one party are not futile.



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