Human Trafficking: A Study of the United States

Human Trafficking: A Study of the United States


Hook: Human trafficking is a significant concern across the world due to the rapid manner in which it is growing even though many people might not be aware of the ill.

Thesis Statement:  Through this paper, it is evident that the prevalence of human trafficking in the United States is high and many measures such as both private and public security officers should put in place to curb this menace.

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First Main Idea: Human trafficking is prevalent in the United States, and there are various reasons that this issue continues to grow over the years.

Evidence: There is a rise in the problem of drug trafficking in the United States, which has led to the escalation of human trafficking. This is due to the fact that these traffickers will kidnap people and use them as sex slave and drug mules to transport their drugs. In Mexico and Turkey, there us a syndicate of traffickers who target young girls who are then used as sex slaves in clubs and brothels.

Evidence: The issue of illegal immigration is also another major contributor to the rise of human trafficking. These criminals will entice immigrants with the notion that they will be smuggled to the United States to live comfortably under a considerable pay.

Evidence: The upsurge in brothels in many cities in the United States and many other parts of the world such as Mexico has also contributed to its increase where humans are trafficked to work as human slaves

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Second Main Idea: Despite the issue of human trafficking growing in prevalence over the years, it has been challenging for the security officers and other forces to suppress the problem. This is due to several factors which would be discussed herein.

Evidence: These cases go unreported, and they are only described as missing persons because those who report the instances do not have the idea of what has happened to those that are missing

Evidence: Most of those trafficked are illegal immigrants who do not want to come out and report because of the fear of being deported.

Evidence: With traffickers being hardcore criminals, those who have been trafficked fear that their lives may be in danger if they came forward to report the matter

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Third Main Idea: private and public security officers, therefore, need to be trained on the different measures of identifying drug traffickers to ensure that the problem is eradicated.

Evidence: Human trafficking is, most of the time, associated with organized and violent crimes and security forces should, therefore, take the necessary measures to identify whether any criminal activity has any relation to human trafficking.

Evidence: The security forces should work together and ensure that the issue of drug trafficking that is a significant contributor to human trafficking is controlled


Restatement of Thesis: There are many reasons that have contributed to the prevalence of human trafficking in the United States. Therefore, the security officers need to work together to fight the menace and give the public a task to report any suspicious activity that would help arrest the criminals.

Closing Sentence: With the commitment of the security officers in the fight against this problem, the country can significantly improve and be a safe place for all people.