Different humanities can be analyzed and understood better through objective and subjective analysis. The different humanities are represented by a poem, music and two dimensional painting. The poem is literature; the painting is the artwork while the song is music. The poem is A brave and Startling truth by Maya Angelou, the song is by Celine Dion known as My heart will go on and the painting is known as Mona Lisa and was done by Leonardo Da Vinci. Analysis of these humanities would reflect various similarities and differences on humanities. Understanding the mood and theme in these humanities assist in the understanding of the overall work

Objective analysis

Maya Angelou –A brave and startling truth

A brave and startling truth is a short narration of how we live and survive in this world.  It states how we all belong to the earth and have different ways of living. However, the world is filled with all forms of chaos and conflicts. All this are caused by the people and they are all looking forward to a better world. However, the same chaotic people have the power to make peace and speak words of kindness. The truth lies where we must realize that we have the power to change the world to the favorable place everyone wants to see (A brave and Startling Truth, n.d).

The author uses repetition, ‘when it comes.’ This style emphasizes on the great need for a better world. The poet uses it in the beginning of most stanzas. It prepares the reader of the period that is awaited. However, in the last stanza it has been used to show the need of making something happen. Description is used widely in the poem. The poet gives a clear view of the content. For example, ‘…on a small and lonely planet…’ or ‘…touch with such healing, irresistible tenderness…’ Imagery was also considered in the poem. The writer gives a deep description that allows the reader to visualize the situation. For example, ‘… when we release our fingers from fists of hostility and allow the pure air to cool our arms…’ Another style used in the poem is the point of view where the writer narrates using their perspective. It is evident in the last stanza where the writer points out that we will once realize that everything is possible on our own accord and that is when we will want to realize. It is rather the writer’s point of view (English grammar 4 u online, n.d).

Celine Deon – My heart will go on

“My heart will go on” is a song depicting love and was sang by Celine Deon. The song is being sung to someone who is away. The singer is filled with love for the person though they do not seem to be together. The singer believes that the person will always be in their heart, and the love will last forever although they are not together (Azlyrics. n.d).

The song incorporates various styles starting with tone. It is determined by the tools that are used to produce the sound. It can be generalized as the quality of the sound. This music has a high quality sound that goes hand in hand with the harmony. Harmony refers to the relationship between varying pitches. Rhythm has been emphasized in the song and is full of accentuating sounds. The tone, harmony and rhythm together integrate a relaxing effect to the listener. The singer has used a slow tempo. Tempo refers to the speed at which the music is communicated. The tempo is slow giving the listener time to assess each word and understand the music (Elements of music, n.d).

Leonardo Da Vinci – Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is a two dimensional oil painting created and renowned in the sixteenth century y Leonardo Da Vinci. The art shows an enigmatic woman who is gazes at the viewer. It is said and it is evident that if you move across the room staring at the eyes in the picture, they follow you. The woman is seen sitting proudly with a smile, dressed in luxurious attire while in front of a beautiful eye catching landscape (Global studies, n.d).

The art incorporated a combination of elements so as to come up with one of today’s masterpiece. First, Leonardo has perfected the art of vanishing or evaporating. It creates imperceptible transitions between light and shade which is also viewed in some colors. All elements are blended with no borders appearing in the form of smoke. The brush strokes are too small to be viewed by the naked eye. He also fascinated the way light fell on curved surfaces. He emphasized the differences in object and subject in the background. Aerial perspective was used to create the illusion of depth. The further the object in the image, the smaller the scale, the colors progress to fade and the outlines are less detailed (Global studies, n.d).

Subjective analysis

Maya Angelou –A brave and startling truth

The mood of this poem is informative. It is informative because the writer seems to have a strong message that is to be passed in the end of the poem. Much information is given to draw the reader towards the message. The poem is full of description about how we survive and live in this world. The theme of the poem is life. It simply depicts our life as human beings. Towards the end, the poet explains his opinion saying that we should realize that we are capable of anything until we realize. This is life advice that has been narrowed down in the last stanza.

Celine Deon – My heart will go on

A sad mood is prevalent in the song. The song is talking about true love from the heart. The singer has lots of the love3 for the subject, but they are not together. However, she still thinks that the love will go on since true love is in the heart and goes on forever. Besides knowing all that, there is no way she can be reconnected to her lover, hence the sad mood in the song. The theme of the song is love. She explains how she dreams every night, how her lover is in her heart, and how she recalls true love. The love that exists between the subjects can be felt. The message is clear; the deep love is in the heart and the heart goes on. It means love never ends, presenting a powerful theme in the song.

Leonardo Da Vinci – Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa painting depicts a happy mood. The painting is staring at someone’s eyes with a smile while the woman is relaxed. The smile shows many expressions that narrow down to happiness, she could be keeping a secret; she could be happy or simply mocking. The integration of these elements with the beautiful background results to a happy mood in the painting. The theme of the painting is knowledge. Besides the overall work, there was considerable knowledge applied to the elements in the image to make it a master piece. Leonardo the artist had studied many elements like, light, shade, the sky and even the atmosphere. By looking at the image, there is integration of elements of different textures in reality like the clouds to areas of extreme fine details. The painting seems like it possesses life and creates a cohesion that is rarely seen in paintings. The background was a creative addition by the artist and simply showed the universe and can be assumed not to be the actual background. The image incorporates significant knowledge for the various elements that relate in art and life.


There are different moods and themes presented in the three humanities. In the poem, the mood was informative and the theme was life. The song presented a sad mood with the theme of love. The two dimensional image has a happy mood and the theme is knowledge. Apart from being different types of humanities they are all characterized by mood and theme. The mood and theme of the humanities enhance the ability to understand the overall message being communicated. People should utilize the knowledge of identified the mood and theme of the situation so as to assist in the assessment and understanding. In the poem, the informative mood is of great significance intending to pass a message, hence giving the reader a chance to analyze the message. The song is in a sad mood. This enhances the listener to listen more carefully and learn something about love, which is the theme. In the two dimensional painting, the theme has been used to create the mood of which all prove to integrate.


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