Hunch in Psychology

For a long time, the topic of schizophrenia has always interested me both in my personal and academic life. Perhaps the reason for the high interest results from my experience with a cousin who suffers from the condition. Every other day, I look for answers to the question revolving around the topic of schizophrenia. In the course of my study, I have come to understand the fact that there is no clear cause of the condition. Even though the mental disorder affects millions of people across the world, there is no clear understanding of its causes. Lecturers have always insisted of this fact that is well documented in various texts and literary material. However, the symptoms are well documented to include confused thinking, reduced social engagement and false beliefs. The fact that symptoms and other information related to condition are clearly understood makes me curious about the causes of the illness.

In my research, I realized that I am not the only one who had the same hunch about this psychology topic. Across the internet, other people asked the same question as is evidenced by suggestions from Google search. Surprisingly, the same question was asked across different student platforms thus suggesting the hunch was shared by many other students. However, most of the questions were not clearly answered thus pointing to the fact that information on the same is not readily available in the internet. Even questions to fellow students on the same causes of schizophrenia had no clear answers. The desire to get more information on the same topic thus led me into deeper research both in the library and across the internet. In some instances, the results were somewhat frustrating as different answers were given for the same question. Nevertheless, the hunch was too compelling to be ignored and I ended up with some answers after all.

Most researchers believe the cause of schizophrenia to be a combination of both genes and the environment. In fact, the condition is mostly hereditary and is known to exist in families that have prior history of the condition. In the course of my research, I identified three main groups of schizophrenic causes including biological, psychological and social factors. The biological causes result from the physiology of the affected persons including their genetic makeup as well as biochemistry (Sullivan, 2005). In addition, the physical constitution of the genes and the type of drugs abused by the people could also lead to schizophrenia. Scientists have also identified emotional experiences and a person’s upbringing to be leading causes of schizophrenia. In most cases, the interactions of the people with other persons could also lead to cases of schizophrenia.

The hunch about causes of schizophrenia led me into information that I had no prior knowledge of making me more informed in the process. In the end, I came to the realization that social factors are also associated with the affected person’s socio-cultural influences as well as their present life situations. In addition, stress is also a widely acknowledged cause of schizophrenia and other mental illnesses. The exposure to environmental and social stress factors can overwhelm an individual’s coping ability resulting to the onset of schizophrenia. All this information would not have been acquired had I not developed a hunch in that topic.



Sullivan, P. F. (2005). The genetics of schizophrenia. PLoS Med, 2(7), e212.



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