Hydrofracking Gas

I am of the opinion that it is high time that we people of Ney York should welcome the idea of having a hydrofracking gas company in this region.  Hydrofracking has been recognized as a relatively economical and technological method that enables natural gas producers to recover natural gas from dense shale formations. It involves the use of a substantial amount of water mixed with other chemicals that are pumped into the shale to fracture the rock and release the gas (Inman, 2014). Though the practice has been condemned for its use of excess water and its degradation effects on health and the environment, I am still convinced that these shortcomings are outweighed by the potential benefits that we as a country are likely to get from this noble initiative.

For instance, it is important to understand that the United States is the home of what is estimated to be the largest known shale gas reserves in the world. With such large deposits, it is economical to have such a company in our city to ensure that we benefit from our natural resources. The huge deposits available in our country will ensure that the company is sustainable since there will be readily available materials. It is also worth noting that these untapped reserves are located in strategic locations that are near major population centers. This means that there will be sufficient labor supply for the company (Mitka, 2012). In addition, gas consumption has been on an upward trend that means there is a ready market for such an organization.  Most of the American population use natural gas as their source of energy and hence forms a ready market for the product. In essence, the company will benefit the American by providing them with jobs as well with an efficient source of energy.

Although there is an increased environment awareness campaign, it is important to understand that natural gas is a cleaner burning fossil fuel. It is evident that most of the Americans today use coal and oil for energy purposes. Burning coal and oil is more harmful to the environment as compared to the natural gas. It is imperative we understand that burning natural gas is more eco-friendly, and we should encourage our people to use it as an alternative to oil and coal (Bodell, 2013). It is the high time we switch to natural gas as it is domestically available rather than relying on importing other sources of energy from international sources. Such an approach will be important not only for the people of New York but America at large as we try to reduce the dependence on foreign oil.

The company will have access to the locally available shale deposits and will be a great boost to the national economy as well as to the regional economy. A hydrofracking talent in New York will mean that there will be additional to the number of industries in the region. The county will benefit from taxes charged on the company profits as well as earnings from the people employed by this project. It is estimated that the project can be a source of employment for millions of people that will be involved in drilling, delivery of water and other chemicals used in fracking, delivery of sand and other materials needed to frack (Mitka, 2012). Additionally, the firm will also employ people at the management level who will have the responsibility for overseeing the operations at the plant.  All these people are subject to taxation that will be used in other areas of development.

It is also worth noting that the future of energy in the United States is evolving to gas-dependent economy. Therefore, natural gas fracking is expected to take a leading role in the evolution of the energy sector in the United States. We as the people of New York should, therefore, be an example to the rest of America of how gas fracking can be a source of economic empowerment in the region. It is prudent to note that in the recent years, more than 81% of new electricity capacity in the country has been gas-fired (Inman, 2014). The trend is likely to continue in the coming years hence making natural gas fracking a viable business opportunity. In addition, such companies will also fuel creativity and innovation as more companies will take on research to improve the technology used in drilling and fracking (Bodell, 2013). In essence, natural gas fracking is an idea whose time has come, and it is important that we have one in New York and set an example for the whole nation.



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