Hydrox Sandwich Cookie

  1. Can you re-create Hydrox through a name change? What kind of brand name could compete with Oreo? (Most people unfamiliar with Hydrox think it is a cleaning product.) Develop five (5) possibilities for a new name. Pick the best out of five and give your reasoning.

Hydrox was first introduced into the market in the year 1908 by Sunshine, and it is considered as the original American sandwich cookie. The founders of Sunshine researched on a product name, and since they were concerned with purity and goodness, they decided to merge the atomic elements of water that include hydrogen and oxygen. After combining the two, they came up with Hydrox. After Keebler purchased Hydrox from Sunshine in 1996, the marketing team were unconvinced by the product’s name since they received numerous negative feedback about the name. The loyal customers had the notion that the name “Hydrox” resembles that of cleaning agent. The marketing team led by their director Carolyn Burn researched for a name replacement, and they settled on Droxies. According to them, the name Droxies was good enough to compete with Oreo. Hydrox is less popular than Oreo; however, it predated Oreo for four years. Therefore, changing the name can boost the competitive nature of the company especially when people thought the previous name was for a cleaning agent.

The other five possibilities of a new name include So-Sweet, Softlin, Yammies, Hydri and Keeby Tasty. For this case, I will choose Keeby Tasty as my best brand name. The name looks appealing since it has both the short name of the owner and a persuasive word “tasty”.

  1. How can you package your renewed sandwich cookie to make it more attractive on the shelf than Oreo? What about package size? Draft a brief packaging plan for the new Hydrox (or whatever name you chose).

First, I will consider clarity and simplicity. The description about my cookies will be clear and simple to understand by the customers. Second, I will increase customer’s visibility of my product by differentiating it visually.  I will use brown and white packaging as the signature brand colors for my cookies. Similarly, the icons or illustration on the package will be clear and attractive photographs.

However, the number of cookies in the package will vary according to the package size. A small package will have six cookies; a medium package will contain 24 cookies, and a large package will contain 36 cookies.

The packaging plan for my cookies will involve wrapping the cookies in well decorated recycled materials. This will make customers feel we are environment-friendly.

  1. Can you modify the original formula to make something new and more competitive? Will a brand extension work here? Why or why not?

It is possible to recreate cookies to make it more competitive in the market. Before taking the action, a person should consider that the changes he/she makes can be the biggest. Brand extension will work here because we have changed the brand name that was not appealing to the customers and replaced it with a new one. Therefore, brand extension will only work if the brand name is used from one product category to another.



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