Ideation play

Solving a problem is a process requiring structures and ideas. When faced with a problem, one has to develop a structure of solving the problem. In the play “Ideation”, a team of professional consultants are contracted to solve a clients problem. The problem they are trying to solve is how to carry out a large-scale disposal of human bodies.

The play presents a professional problem-solving process. First, the consultants develop rules. Any process requires rules to guide the participants on what to be done and what not to be done. A very powerful rule that they develop is that they should assume the worst. This will help them to plan for the worst.  A decision based on the worst scenario is risk aversive and considering the problem at hand, such a decision is required. Again, the consultants decide that power point presentations cannot be used in this incase. Instead, everything is manually presented in the white board. This ensures that no traces of the decision can be accessed later.  Remember the problem is very risky in nature.

Disposing human bodies in large scale requires secrets to be kept. Eradicating any evidence that can relate the consultants to the disposition is a priority to the consultants. The other powerful rule they have been that they cannot say no. They cannot entertain the thought that the problem is unsolvable. They must be optimistic that the problem has a solution.

After settings the rules, they developed a flow of actions to undertake in the disposing process. They draw a flow chart on the white board.  You cannot dispose of what you have not even identified. You cannot solve a problem that you have not identified as a problem. With the problem identified and rules set, they develop a set of activities that need to be done in a chronological manner. Every activity needs to be done differently.  Alternatives and suggestions are welcome at this stage. Again, the chronology of the activities has to be identified. What needs to be done before what and how? This is a very professional way of identifying and eradicating any redundant activities.

Globalization is the process of international integration. Integration arises from the exchange of ideas, views, products and services among others. Due to globalization, the world today views murder as a crime. The consultants are frequently debating that pulling off such a task without anyone noticing is impossible. It seems impossible because, with globalization, not anyone anywhere who notices something so antisocial will fail to prevent it. Again, with the globalization of technology, it is easy to what is happening in the whole world. The play helps in understanding that globalization has positive and negative effects. It has integrated the world into a single system making it hard for professionals such as the consultants in the play to committee crime anywhere unnoticed.

Technology, for instance, has made integration very easy. It is good to note that the consultants have a rule that power point presentations are not to be used in the decision-making process.  The exchange of products such as the internet makes it easy for anyone anywhere in the world to hack into a company’s servers and retrieve any information. As a professional, you have to ensure that your data is safe but globalization has made this very hard to manage.

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