IEEE Standards

IEEE Standards


Standards ensure that products, services, materials and methods that people use are reliable. Precisely, it maximizes the functionality and compatibility of the products to support the safety and public health of the consumers. Moreover, standards function as building blocks for product development. It is significant in fueling compatibility and interoperability and simplifies product development and also speeds time-to-market. Standards also provide a clear understanding and comparison of competing products and fuels international trade since it is globally adopted and used. Standards assure interconnectivity and interoperability and verify the credibility of new products and new markets. In a nutshell, the use of standards propels the use of technology that transforms people’s lives, work and communication (The IEEE Standards Association, n.d).

IEEE-SA has a critical role to develop and publish standards such as definitions and terminologies; methods of measurement and test; products; technology and rating structures. Moreover, it also includes temperature limits and application guides; recommended practice and safety (The IEEE Standards Association, n.d). Rating and dimensional information used in the standard is due to technical consideration; however, rating information from competent companies may be included provided it is consistent with good engineering practice.

An approved and published IEE standard encompasses a consensus of parties who developed and reviewed it. However, the consensus is mainly presumed to entail a substantial agreement from the affected interest categories. The substantial agreement is critical in a consensus. Similarly, it considers all views sand objections with an effort to resolve the issue. The IEEE standardization provides a platform for communication and criteria for measuring the performance of equipment in electrotechnology. Additionally, it is the role of the IEEE-SA Board to review the standards and ensure that it represents a consensus of interest, and the procedures were duly followed during its development.



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