If I were given superheroic attributes

If I were given superheroic attributes

If I were given superheroic attributes, I could be all powerful even to kill the devil who is the main menace on earth. I could fight to chase him from the planet altogether. To accomplish this, I would desire to have Wolverine and hulk huddled together. The main reason behind my picking the two heroes is because of their capacity to do exploits. The hulk smash expresses incredible strengths whereas the wolverine has farfetched color coupled with the ability to smell things from long distances. Again, this creature utilizes iron claws when fighting with his hands. There is no single battle I could not win in the whole world. This means that I could fight all terrorism and make the world a peaceful place to live in addition if I were a superhero, I would possess the telekinesis power. As such, I would ensure that, like the remote control, I would change the position of items utilizing my mind as well as reading the thoughts of others.

Moreover, I could ensure that I am the only person who has this kind of ability to avoid competition. I will not care about people’s opinion concerning me; whether or not they will consider me as egocentric and selfish.  I could examine the people’s minds to establish if they want to rule the world or anything else.  I could very well develop the people who are against me, and those are for me. Through this ability to read the mind, I could devise proper methods of handling my foes and rewarding the people who support me.

Moreover, I could transfer things with the help of the mind and have reduced handy and mechanical work. For instance, if want to move my luggage from one point to another, I could just think and automatically that luggage moves to the area I want it to be. The ability to read the mind of an individual could also help in controlling or stopping villainous and malevolent individuals who could prove undesirable to the society. The ability to establish what is in the minds of people could also be advantageous in creating suicidal cases and hence, saving lives to a greater extent. I could automatically block evil thoughts, and see the likely decision to be arrived at in a discussion.

I happen to be a superhero on earth; I could heal all sicknesses and maladies which cause suffering on people.  Diseases like cancer, diabetes, and HIV are very traumatic to individuals. I could be walking to a hospital, and dispense healing just through my entrance. I could ensure that any pain they are undergoing could halt immediately they see me. Furthermore, I could guarantee that no single individual goes to the hospital to spend vast amounts of money on medical bills.

Moreover, I could miraculously blot away the existing medical bills to relieve people of the stresses they face in life. I could have the power to blot away any psychological and physical trauma people could be undergoing all over the earth. This means that I could be a super doctor who is never challenged by any malady or sickness. This ability could be essential in making the world a better place to be; where people do not fear mosquitoes and other organisms that cause human beings to behave as if he is the last person in the food chain. To make this attribute more credible, I would instantly kill all the bacteria causing germs and sicknesses to individuals in the entire world.

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