IKEA Launch

  1. What do you want them to think? After they see/read/hear/engage with your campaign, what do you want them to think about for your B, P/S as a result?

IKEA works with the ideology that a good design should always be made available for everyone and not just a select few and that is the reason as to why its products are designed beginning with the functional need and the price (Franchisor.ikea.com, n.d.). The corporation then employs the use of knowledge and creativity to create a functional product utilizing low-cost materials. Then, it expects that the public will embrace their products because of the affordable prices, which will lead to large scale purchases that will further drive its prices down. This makes the product more affordable.

This ideology is what the company aims at selling itself during the launch in Taiwan. It focuses on introducing its brand in the country, which will, thus, allow the public to have a taste of class at an affordable price. The launch intends to as emotional advertising by introducing the people to the company's brand that will give them the idea that they can have quality products at affordable prices. The launch has the main aim of attracting customers. Therefore, if the clienteles find the products to be of high quality and affordable, they will spread the word, and many people will learn about it.

8 What do you want them to ACTUALLY DO in this campaign? e.g. call a tol

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