Illegal Immigration in the U.S

Illegal Immigration in the U.S

Illegal immigration has been a great problem in the United States of America for some years. Due to security threats, the U.S. border patrol has taken different initiatives to combat illegal movement of people and weapons within the borders.

The major initiative taken by the border patrol is detection and apprehension. This includes detecting illegal immigrants and apprehending them. Detecting is through high-level surveillance from a concealed position, sightings using aircrafts, following marks and tracks as well as following up on available leads. Advanced technology is also being used in this fight since the border patrol has installed electronic systems that sense any movement in undesignated border areas (Peak, 2012).

Currently, illegal immigration in the U.S. is declining because there has been increased enforcement in the borders making it hard to illegally migrate. The enforcement is maintained through the development of strict immigration laws and high security maintenance (Peak, 2012). Again, the immigration customs have deported a high number of illegal immigrants in recent years. The decline is also attributed to a recession that dried up jobs in America leaving no room for unskilled labour.

Some states and local units of government are trying to reduce the number of illegal immigrants by massive deportation. The illegal immigrants are identified through random checks in traffic, major transportation points, city patrols and intelligence gathering (Peak, 2012). Again, some states have developed strict immigration laws to control the movement of people to their state.

The U.S. government is working hard than ever to control illegal migration especially due to the security threat posed by the vice.  Following the September 11, 2001 attack, the border patrol changed its focus to detection and apprehension. This has greatly reduced the number of illegal immigrants.



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