Image Reflection

The image depicts a natural ecosystem in which water flows from into a forest and into a dam. In the image, there are several mini-falls of water cascading down from the uphill trees into the water body to form a beautiful scenario. In addition, the green color from the tree leaves is illuminated into the water forming a green layer over the water body. Some of the plants lean towards the water body as if to quench their thirst. Meanwhile, the sun rays emanate from the background irradiating their beautiful rays into the foreground. Also, the stillness of the waters is a statement of the absence of troubles in life. The freshness of the leaves in the trees dictates the freshness of each new day and the opportunities presented in the world. The picture tells the story of the meaning of life and how it is supported. It is a brief narration of the natural ecosystem that supports the world population. In essence, water is life and it is from water that life emanates including that of human beings. The image depicts the cycle of life where water travels from the water bodies into the plants and back into the water bodies. In a nutshell, the picture is a perfect illustration of the beauty of nature.

I can vividly picture my personal life as captured in the image through the life support system. In fact, everyone’s life is vividly illustrated in the image as we are all part of nature and the sphere of life.  The origin of the water that I take to support my life is well displayed in the image forming a clear link between the image and my personal life. Also, the green that is the plants is symbolic of my life as I add onto the realm of life as I take from it. The contribution I make through my inputs in society is represented through the water emanating from the trees. The water uptake from the water body to the plant is representative of the value that is extracted from the society. The beauty that is represented by the water cascading down into the water body is characteristic of the beauty of life to which I belong.

The picture is also representative of my life as I am deeply awed by the beauty of nature. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw the image was the beauty that is captured in it. My personal love for nature is well articulated through the different aspects of the photo. For instance, the meandering of the water as it flows down into the stream is captivating to my mind and soul. I can almost picture myself swimming in the beauty of the waters as I inhale the fresh air from the rich scents of the trees. The freshness of the leaves in the trees is testament of the entire beauty of life. Indeed, one can almost feel the freshness with every breath they take. On the other hand, the light that is permeated between the spaces within the trees portrays the smile on my face at most of the times. In similar fashion, the stillness of the water reflects the unperturbed nature of my life. In the end, the image is a symbolic representation of my life and the beauty that it brings to the world.



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