Immigration in the United States

Immigration has been one of the issues affecting both the federal government and Texas for a long time. That is because despite there being some rightful immigrants, there have been those who migrate illegally. Immigrants contribute tremendously to the US economy since some are entrepreneurs, job creators, they consume and also pay taxes.  They add massive amounts of dollars to the gross domestic product of the nation. However, there are some wrong sides of immigrants. Some of them include indulgence in criminal activities that jeopardize the security of the country, and others become drug peddlers and terrorists.

Policy statement

However, despite the positive impact that accrues to the presence of immigrants in the united states of America, it’s economy and the society, the current regime is not one that has a soft spot on immigrants and are moving to implement a restrictions policy environment and tighten the laws regarding immigration. Additionally, they are moving to increased enforcement regarding immigration, the probability of restricting legal immigration and settlement of refugees. Furthermore, the administration is planning to impose taxes and fiscal costs on immigrants, their families and the entire community across the country. They are also planning to implement policies that will enhance the detentions and deportations of the immigrants. The deportations will have cost implications on the taxpayer’s money since billions of dollars and also breaking up various families belonging to immigration.

Reasons for initiating these changes

Immigration has had diverse effects on the country which has been the primary driver of the reforms undertaken. Firstly, immigration can cause over-population problems. The wealthiest countries in the world are the ideal targets of immigrants owing to the availability of resources. The immigrants have a notion that when they move to these countries, the economic fortunes will improve and they can afford comfortable lives. America being one of the wealthiest nations have been subject to immigration which has made the federal government and Texas look into the issue objectively and find ways of taming the problem. When there is an imbalance in the population, it can cause resource strain in areas with high levels of immigrants.

Secondly, immigration has created wage disparities in the nation. Immigrants especially those coming from developing countries are more willing to take up employment for low wages that the required minimum wage already set below which the local citizens cannot work. Availability of more people willing to work for small salaries creates wage disparity because there will be less cash being spent. Low wages means low disposable income available. Low disposable income implies that there will be less spending eventually affecting the economy.

Policy options to be considered

There are other options available policies to be considered by the US federal government and states like Texas. Firstly, the country should consider expanding the Frontex and the embryonic United States of America border control and coast guard agency. Moreover, it should consider establishing offshore processing center in various destinations especially in African countries or on islands and other locations that are separated geographically within the U.S. the primary purpose of the centers will be to vet the individuals who are seeking asylum in America and determine if they are genuine or not. Additionally, the centers will also assess the credibility of those trapped in American waters. These process, however, requires a harmonized rule for granting asylum to refugees at the centers responsible for the procedure. However, the control centers will deter the individual states like Texas from forming and administering their rules.

Secondly, the national government and other states could form yearly goals on immigration which should be flexible. Additionally, the goals ought to emphasize on economic migration which should be based on employment. The flexibility of the goals will make it possible for alterations to be done to reflect the impending market conditions at specific times. Moreover, the policies should focus more on economic aspects rather than encouraging family-based migration. The United States of America has stressed more on family-based immigration, but that should be changed to economic immigration. The advantage of this policy is that the targets formed are flexible and can be adjusted to reflect the current market conditions. However, the process of creating goals may be subjective.

Thirdly, the system of immigration ought to be changed to the extent that it is implemented in two phases. Phase one is where the workers are imported temporarily. In this phase they are trained well on how to work and other aspects of existence in us after gaining the required skill and assessments having been done, they are then considered for permanent residency. This approach should be applied mainly to the case of international students studying in the country. The advantage of this policy is that the country will earn more from the students they have trained and they will also get qualified and committed workforce. However, its disadvantage is that the students may decide to go back to their nations of residence implying that they will have trained labor for another government.

The recommended course of action

There are various options available on how the federal government and Texas can implement to sort out the issue of immigration. Proper integration of the many policies depending on the circumstances because there is no single perfect policy to sort the problem permanently. However, the U.S should change the current policy that favors family-based immigration and encourages economic immigration.

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