Immigration into the US

Immigration into the US happens for many reasons. The primary goal of moving to the US is to find new opportunities that will help the wellbeing and lives of these individuals. Additionally, other could move to search for employment, flee from war or to study. Many learners have migrated to the US to acquire more knowledge and increase their education capacity. One of the most common education programs that students undertake is Engineering. This is a branch of technology and science involved with building, designing, and the application of machines and engines. This paper seeks to elaborate on how international students affect the US economy by coming to learn in the US.  It will also discuss immigration and visas issues, and the different reforms that the country is making towards international students. The profession is among the most common fields that international students decide to major with. Having a degree in engineering gives the student an opportunity to work in various fields both in the country or back at home. Engineering, as a profession, exists in many categories. These include civil, chemical, and mechanical engineering. Having adequate knowledge in this filed place an individual among society’s elite as they are known for making a lot of money and have the respect of the community. Nonetheless, what is the wider effect that international students studying engineering have on the US economy?

According to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), there are 1.21 million international learners. The DHS is responsible for giving visas to students and thus has accurate statistics in regards to this number. Those coming to study may decide to stay on a permanent or temporary basis. These statistics also show that yearly, 100.000 students study engineering. Therefore, individuals who graduate with this degree are many and can offer. Studying abroad comes with its advantages. First, America’s education system is advanced compared to many countries. Thus, the students acquire sufficient knowledge and skills needed in the profession. Additionally, they become well aligned with the nation’s culture, gain job prospects, meet new people, and learn new languages.  Moreover, if they choose to go back home after completing their courses, acquiring jobs will be easier if the employers learn they studied abroad. In the US, about 5% of the students are international learners. These individuals greatly contribute to the economy. For instance, in the 2015-2016 academic year, these learners spent over $32 billion. Moreover, they occupied more than 400,000 jobs thereby increasing the nation’s labor pool.

International Engineering students have also been of great use to the economy. First, this is a field of study that encourages a lot of innovation. These learners develop new and advanced technologies while in the country. These advancements have been used to develop easier ways for the country to operate. Secondly, engineering students help to build good relationships between their nations and the US. Better interactions form these nations encourages investment, better tariffs, increased tourism, and the overall growth of both economies. Third, international students help in adopting a global perspective on the American education system. This leads to improved learning mechanisms which can help the natives. Improved study methods enhance skills learned at school and give more knowledge that can help in developing the economy. International Engineering students also contribute to the labor pool. For instance, upon completion of their studies, they can acquire jobs with many organizations. Moreover, they may decide to establish companies dealing with the engineering field like construction or chemical firms. These organizations will provide jobs for both the skilled and unskilled labor force thereby cutting down the unemployment gap. It is clear that international engineering students have a lot to offer in the US economy.

Despite the benefits that these students bring to the economy, various questions have been raised on why they are allowed to settle in the country after completing their education. Different people feel that international students should be handed temporary visas and leave the country after finishing their education. In his article, Thomas Friedman is both happy and sad that America educates many minds from foreign countries. What annoys him is that once they complete their education, they have to go back home. In the commencement he attended, most of the Ph.D. holders being awarded were foreign. He wishes that these bright minds can stay in America and help bring about development. The Congress has however adopted policies that require graduates to return to their countries upon completing their courses. He is convinced that these individuals could be of great use to America’s different departments, and specifically the economy. He brands these policies by Congress as pure idiocy that will not help the country as intended.

The main concern is that these individuals put pressure on the job market, leaving Native Americans unemployed. This has led to the establishment of different strategies which are meant to reduce the impact of international students. Moreover, foreign immigration policies have also been reformed to reduce the number of people coming to America. One of these policies is by giving out the H-IB visa. This document enables employers to give jobs to foreigners in specialty professions. For one to qualify to receive this visa, he or she must have a bachelor’s degree or an equivalent of the same. Those being employed must have adequate knowledge and experience. The H-1B visa permits the individual to stay in the US for a period of three to six years, after which reapplication must take place.  The government has however limited the number of H-1B visas given to individuals. The goal is to consolidate employment positions for Native Americans.

Nonetheless, fraud continues to take place despite these limitations. Visa providers are bribed into handing the documents to foreigners and enable them to work. The adoption of the H-1B visa was meant to reduce this corruption in the immigration department. It has proved useful, especially for international students who may wish to remain in the states and work there. In recent years, President Trump’s administration has laid out strict procedures that seek to reduce immigration to the US. He sights insecurity and employment as some of the main reasons for these policies. Additionally, many individuals have been deported to their country of origin, to reduce the number of foreigners already settled in the country. It is, however, essential to consider the benefits these individuals bring to the state.

In conclusion, America is home to many international students who seek to learn in the states. The engineering profession is one of the favorite courses that international student learn. There are over 100,000 students who enroll in engineering programs. International students are beneficial to the economy as they bring about innovation, occupy or create jobs, and enable better relationships between countries. Due to corruption, the H-1B visa has been adopted to enable students to remain and work in America. Nonetheless, different immigration policies are still being adopted to reduce the number of immigrants in or coming to the US.