The Impact of the Decline in Union Membership on Employment Trend

The Impact of the Decline in Union Membership on Employment Trend

In the last couple of decades, the U.S employment trend has undergone changes due to the substantial decline in the union membership. The labor unions have decreased both in size and in influence, thus making the workers lose the support. The decline has affected the employment trend in the following ways. First, the decline in union membership empowered employers with all the rights; hence, making it easy for them to change the pay of workers at any time. Although employers would not violate laws such as minimum wage, any payment an employee receives is at their discretion. Therefore, without unions, the wages for employees such as unskilled blue-collar workers would reduce. The low wages is because employers receive less pressure to raise the wage (Hill 1). Employees will only get support from the federal minimum wage law.

The dramatic decline in union membership makes it hard for organizations to improve employees’ benefits and working conditions. Union workers receive better fringe benefits than what non-union workers do. Moreover, the decline in union membership has made high profitable employers to offer minimal benefits. They have slashed pension benefits and reduced health insurance. The unions used to bargain and ensure employees get better wages and health insurance, adequate pension, and longer vacations (Liu 1). On the other hand, the worker’s job stability is at risk. Besides, the decline in union membership has adversely affected employees’ job security. When an employee is in a non-union workplace, his/her job is not secured because the management has the final words. It is either for the employee to take it or leave it. Therefore, the decline in union membership has deprived employees of their rights to appeal effectively on any unfair decisions made against them.


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