Impact of Decisions

The corporate managers are at the helm of the administrative structure and it is inevitable that their decisions do influence or affect other operations. Since there are three levels of decision making in an organization, the tactical and operational levels of decision making are influenced by the strategic decisions made by the corporate managers (Montana & Charnov, 2000). The employees are one of the parties that are usually affected by strategic decisions both positively and negatively. This is determined by the level of motivation of the employees. The marketing approach of an organization is usually affected by strategic decisions and in most cases strategic plans have a specific strategic marketing plan. This decision is however influenced by the Ansoff matrix which recommends the best approach to use depending on the nature of the market and type of product being sold (Straker, 2014).

Strategic decisions involve some radical decisions and for the management to make the right decision various factors are taken into consideration. The make or buy decision is one of the key decisions made. The management asses the benefits of outsourcing and producing and do a cost benefit analysis. They also assess the impact on the employees before making the good decision and not necessarily the best decision. Another decision is the process-redesign which has to assess the impact of all the disruptions that will be made on the employees, suppliers, production and other factors such as wastage (Straker, 2014). The managers then choose the decision with the least disadvantages. Strategic decisions address change in the entire organization and therefore are set to affect and have an impact on all aspects of an organization.

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