Impact of Globalization

Impact of Globalization

Globalization contributed to an increase in exports and imports. Inter-country trade has impacted my consumer behavior as I can now buy products in my country from other nations across the world. Imported products can range from flowers, wine, fish, shellfish, and nuts. Tilapia fish and cashew nuts have become my favorite because I find satisfaction and happiness in consuming them. Globalization contributed to the importation of such products which has influenced my consumption behavior. Importation of the food products leads to an increase in the availability of the food products which consequently reduces the prices of the food products. As such, globalization has been essential in increasing the availability of food products in my country which has consequently addressed the issue of scarce food products in my country. I think that overreliance on imported products may affect my country’s economic performance.

Globalization has augmented inter-country interactions whereby people can move from one nation to another in search of employment and settlement. Terrorists with ill-motives have utilized the opportunity to carry out terrorism. In my country, the 9/11 attacks were an example of how globalization and inter-country movement had intensified terror activities. As a result, the security of my nation has been beefed to facilitate the prevention of future terror activities. It is evident that everyone in my country has to be vigilant because anyone can be a terrorist. This is because international terrorists have resulted in training some citizens in my nation to help them carry out the terror activities. Therefore, I think that people are not enjoying the same peace as before even though security agencies are trying their best to fight terrorism.

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