Impact of Women Victimization

Violence and suppression of women have resulted in so many issues in society. Families are breaking. As a result, leading to single parenting. Also, single parents are resulting from barriers on women to relate with some men for example in the US where they have to take at least two years in relationship to being recognized as married citizens (Williams 3). Those who are affected most by the situation are children from poor parents where such cases are occurring more. I agree with the article that most of the violence and suppression are occurring in women of the poor class which is leading to heightened security issues in low-income societies (Williams 13). The children are forced to engage in crime or become street beggars to get basic needs. There is also an increased number of suicides when such mothers cannot provide for their children.

Society developments are returning because there is no women contribution in some areas like children education (Williams 1). When children are not educated, society lacks the workforce leading to low output. There is therefore low income for the government which is leading to low infrastructure developments. Diseases are spreading making people weaker because the government cannot support health system of such countries and there are few physicians. Also, there is poor nutrition due to lack of enough and good diately. Corruption is high due to the lack of women who can control men behaviors. Women are known to be caring and lack of their contribution because of the patriarchy is leading to increased selfish men behaviors. Poverty is making the countries slaves of others who are offering help leading to increased oppression of the citizens. Because of women contribution to society, I agree that their political identity will lead to more development (Williams 1).

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