Importance of Obtaining a Professional Engineering License to an Engineer

Importance of Obtaining a Professional Engineering License to an Engineer

Professional Engineering Licensing is an examination process by which a state’s board of engineering licensing determines and certifies that an engineer has achieved a minimum level of competence. This process is intended to protect the public by preventing unqualified individuals from offering engineering services. However, this process also has some advantages that would go towards benefiting the engineer. This paper is going to highlight the benefits that an engineer stands to gain by obtaining a professional engineering license.

First, according to Collins, Dean and Steadman, obtaining the P.E license is an important score of a professional engineer. This is for the reason that it demonstrates the engineer’s dedication and commitment to the engineering profession and it is perceived favorably by majority of employers.The National Society of professional Engineers add that licensure also demonstrates the engineer’s developed leadership, supervision and management skills.

Secondly, in situations where an engineer is looking for employment, the possession of a Professional Engineeringlicense gives him an advantage over other  job seekerswho may not be in possession of a the license. This may make the difference between securing a job or not. In some cases, possession of the license may provide job opportunities that may otherwise not have been available to an engineer without the license(Collins, Dean and Steadman).

Thirdly,Collins, Dean and Steadman state that a Professional Engineeringlicense is a requirement by law for any engineer who wants to sign and seal engineering drawings for clients. This implies that for an engineer to sign and seal a document and the document to be considered as valid he has to be in possession of a Professional Engineeringlicense. Additionally, according to the National Society of professional Engineers it is a prerequisite to obtain the license for an engineer to be a consulting engineer or be allowed by law to be in charge of an engineering firm in private practice.

Fourthly, the Professional Engineering license is an indication that the engineer is informed of current developments in the field of engineering and therefore, better placed to handle assignments that require knowledge of trending practices in the field(Collins, Dean and Steadman).

Fifthly, the engineering field being one that cuts across all the facets of the community, including the safetyand welfare of the community, a Professional Engineering license can be taken on grounds ofpromoting ethics and professionalism in the engineering field.

Finally, the possession of a Professional Engineer license accords the engineer a measure of respect, admiration and high opinion from clients as well as from the peers within the engineering community (National Society of professional Engineers). It also adds weight to the engineer’s qualifications and this makes it easier to defend a point of view and may in the long run earn the engineer a preferment when it comes to work-place promotions.

In conclusion, it would be in the interest of any engineer to obtain his Professional engineering license. This is for the reason that in the long run, the benefits gained from obtaining the license in terms of a better job, respect from peers and clients, advanced career, personal satisfaction, and personal growth far outweighs the cost of obtaining it, both in terms of time consumed and resources spent. It is highly advisable that for any engineer aspiring at making a career out of engineering aim at obtaining the license.

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