Importance of Assessment

Importance of Assessment

Assessments are some of the essential tools that are used by educators to ensure that they understand the abilities of their students in different academic levels. Assessments are essential in both non-special as well as special education programs in that assessments facilitate a way of promoting the abilities of the learners. When the teacher understands the strengths of the students by assessing them, such a teacher is able to decide which topics need to be emphasized as well as the areas that the students are well familiarized (Jabbarifar, 2009). Assessment is important in developing individual activity programs by taking into account not only the disabilities but also the skills and the abilities of individuals.

Assessments may come in different forms and types such as standardized and criterion-based tests. Other than tests, assessments can also be in form of evaluations through which the teacher is able to observe the ability of the learner to handle different situations and circumstances that surround him or her(Shepard, 2010). An individual undertaking a certain task may also decide to undertake a self-assessment that would enable them to understand their potentials and also to help them understand the various areas that they need to focus. Such assessments are important tools in helping individuals to develop their activity programs.

Also, through assessments, individuals are able to screen and identify their learning processes, and figure out if there are any delays in understanding. Assessments are also great tools in the process of evaluation where they can be used as measures of progress (Shepard, 2010).In individual activity programs, understanding the progress is important in that it further fuels an individual to remain motivated towards their course. In conclusion, assessments are essential tools of development in individual activity programs in that they provide the basis for self-understanding as well as self-improvement.

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