In N Out Burger

Ladies and gentlemen! Every one of you must have had a sumptuous ‘In n out’ burger from one of the many joints across Southwest America. In fact, the craze for the burgers is quite a thing as it is considered the best burger in several states in the US. The burgers are sold by In n out burger, a regional chain of fast food joints selling burgers, fries and juice. Although there are various products within the stores, it is the burgers that strike the attention of most customers for their unique taste and the fact that they are prepared on order. The burgers bracket constitutes of three products namely: hamburger, cheeseburger and double-double which is a combination of the other two products. The unique production methods at in n out give their burgers an advantage over others from rival joints.

The in n out burger is prepared on-site from fresh ingredients which are cooked on order. The burgers from the company are unique in the fact that they have maintained their traditional preparation methods unlike other joints that continually change their methods. In fact, the company either procures of manufactures its raw materials in-house therefore ensuring all the quality standards are met. It is a well known fact that the company neither utilizes freezers nor microwaves in its operations thus ensuring that the raw materials used in the preparation of burgers are fresh. In this regard, food is shipped to the different joints on a daily basis from its many facilities.

What makes the burgers as tasty as they are? The main reason for the uniqueness at in n out is the reliance on an unadvertised variation of the burgers unlike the broad menus used by other companies. The burgers are made in various menus depending on the specifications and preferences of the customers thus producing only that which individual customers like. Normally, all the burgers contain at least one beef patty that is cooked to medium level and then served on a toasted bun. Other additions are made depending on the customer’s preference but may include tomato, lettuce and spread which is a sauce. Each of these components are made to the best quality standard through the use of fresh ingredients.

Production of the in n out burger does not start at the store but from the preparation stages. The patties are made from 100% pure beef and are free of any preservatives, additives or fillers thus ensuring that they are fresh at all times (Perman, 2009). The patties are manufactured in the many facilities that the company owns in different states before being delivered to the stores. Each of the patties is made from premium cattle that produce high quality beef chunks. Later, after the bones have been removed, the staff embarks on making the patties by grinding the meet carefully. Indeed, through this process, each of the patties is guaranteed of only the best quality of freshness.

The lettuce used in the burgers is hand-leafed while the American cheese is described as the in thing by many of the customers. Further, the customer decides whether they want the onions in their burgers in which case only the best available ones are included. The tomatoes used in the stores are also the plumpest and juiciest and are all delivered fresh to the stores. Upon order, the burgers are cooked in 100% pure vegetable oil. Ultimately, the customer enjoys tasty burgers that out compete other burgers from other companies. The main advantage of in n out burgers is their toppings and the integrity in preparation making the burgers healthier than those from other stores.

It is not just the products at in n out burger that stand out from other similar joints. Rather, the company has perfected their customer service to act like a magnet to the customers. In turn, the result has been an increased level of customer loyalty visible in the volume of re-buys and referrals of new customers. The fact that customers are given a chance to dictate the ingredients in their burgers as well as the size of the burgers makes of excellent customer service. In fact, it is only until recently that the size of the burgers was capped at 4*4 due to the hectic nature of making extra large burgers. In the past, customers would make orders of burgers as large as 100*100 posing challenges to the staff involved in the production.

In n out burger provides one of the best burgers in the country and has a relatively large customer base. The secret to this success lies in the products that the company stocks including burgers and juice. Perhaps the selling point for the company is the fresh ingredients that it uses in the production of all its products. All the ingredients are sourced from the company’s facilities thus ensuring quality standards in all the production processes. In addition, all the ingredients are used while fresh and juicy thus giving the customers an awesome experience. Besides fresh ingredients, the company has maintained its traditional recipes and gives the customers the choice of the ingredients to be incorporated in the products. These developments plus the excellent customer service provide an avenue for success. It is no wonder that in n out burger stands out from the rest in terms of quality and standards. See you at the nearest in n out burger joint.



Perman, S. (2009). In-N-Out Burger: A behind-the-counter look at the fast-food chain that breaks all the rules. New York: Collins Business.

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