In society

In society, different angles are unveiled depending on the interactions and relationship with environmental tenants. Ideally, the growth and development of an individual are based on life experiences in one’s locality building perception. The short stories The Smallest Woman, On Seeing England, Civil Peace, and Collapse show an insightful angle on aspects of our surrounding.

In line with Laura’s Imperialism Explanation, we are drawn to relating ideas from the readings in the prospect of identity. Laura expounds on how perception reinforces imperialism, made plausible by identifying with a ‘domestic vision.’ The mindset of individuals who are lucky to be survivors of wars extends the oppressive force, aligning to the narrative in the readings that a new environment which triggers seeking an identity using reflection and realization. In Civil Peace, Jonathan Iwegbu (a returnee from the war) perceives himself a lucky champ accepting the hurdles set by society. On Seeing England for the First Time touches on colonization and its role in informing the misplaced thoughts of Kincaid. Collapse showcases a young Vietnamese individual seeking her place in society (the journey to establishing one’s identity). Tribulations inform her state of mind as disturbing memories are imprinted in her mind. The Smallest Woman illuminates a discovery (the pigmy) generating identification as oppressed or oppressor. It offers a two side reflection on a new aspect, i.e., positivity or negativity.

We are privileged with liberties to choose the direction of our perceptions. It is critical that we understand ourselves well and break loose from the chains of our past. In our freedom of choice, selecting the aspects of the society that build our identity is significant as it informs perception which is painted all over imperialism. Our environment plays a fundamental role as depicted in the readings.

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