Increased Terrorism


In the recent past, terrorism has increased significantly as the terror groups continue to change their tactics as a way of ensuring that they effectively achieve their missions. Unlike in the past, and most of the terror-related activities are resulting in massive destruction of properties and deaths of people. Besides, a majority of these groups are also pretending to be pursuing their known goals, but they aim to bring damages across the globe. As the collaboration between terror groups, the states and other officials WMD departments increase, there is a need for urgent decision to improve deterrent measures from acquiring the weapons. In this study, there is a survey within the Intelligence Organization to find out the best steps that can be taken to prevent terrorists from acquiring WMD. The involved program managers and heads of the department components who gave different perspectives. With 100 percent feedback rate, the following measures were extracted: Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zones, the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty, and Repository of Information Provided by the Nuclear-Weapon States, and Export Controls.

Keywords: Nuclear Weapons, Weapons of Mass Destruction, terrorism, states, and treaty.




The methodology section was intended to fulfil the objectives of the research by defining the various ways that can be used to prevent terrorists from acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction. The study involved surveying various Intelligence and security organizations. The motive of the survey was to determine the validity, effectiveness, and efficiency of the multiple ways of preventing terrorists from acquiring Weapons of Mass Destruction. This section exclusive defines the entire process through which these components were accessed, their various responses, and contribution towards facilitating limited access to Weapons of Mass Destruction. The section entails research design, defining population, data collection, procedure, and analysis.

Research Design

The research design involved a survey where the survey instrument that was skillfully prepared was used to gather for data from the various securities departmental components. The specially designed survey composed of elements relevant to the Intelligence and security organizations identified. The survey had multiple levels of items that were contained to ensure that the research could precisely define the validity, effectiveness, and the efficiency of the various ways Weapon of Mass Destruction could be kept away from the hands of terrorists. Thus, the inclusions of the survey were the checklist of multiple items, rating scale, and some open-ended questions that were meant to get views and recommendations from these departmental components.  Thus, the survey to some extent allowed the respondent in this research to elaborate on where and when they desired or required.  All the survey contents were approved before they were finally presented to the different heads of these departmental components.

The use of the elaborate survey in this research intended at keeping the entire process simple, precise, and achieves to ensure the accuracy was achieved amidst the security threats following the high presence of WMD among terrorists. The various responses were then extracted and the data analyzed intensively. The aim was to extract common themes that could help the security agencies locally and internationally on combating for Chemical, Biological, Radiology, and Nuclear (CBRN) attacks. Though the approved survey instrument appeared user-friendly especially to the respondents, it was indeed difficult when it came to manually codifying results showing common themes as compared to using automated measurements. Using automated result measurements that are sophisticated allows the accuracy of the data analysis and saves the labor intensiveness of the researcher. Survey research that is deemed quality must typically acquire information about various organizations regarding their past performances, experiences, characteristics, attitudes, and opinions. Thus, the survey instrument used in this research paid attention to multiple concerns, ideas, and thoughts of the departmental security components. The intention was to have an all-inclusive survey instrument that would ensu

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