Inductive and Deductive Argument

It is clear from the context of the statement that the publishing modes in the past are not as sophisticated and effective as the present in passing information as quickly and in reliable form as possible. But from the steady trend and logic of sophistication of the digital publishing modes, we can deduce that they are much faster and flexible in passing information in a broader coverage as quick and in reliable forms as possible. Therefore, this logic renders traditional publishing unnecessary.

By use of past experience in comparing the traditional and digital modes of publishing, the traditional publishing techniques were very crude and unreliable as compared to digital publishing. Therefore, in general terms they are obsolete to be used in the presence of the digital publishing modes, thus are unnecessary in passing information.

In the deductive concept, I have used the logical deductive type because the conclusion follows from inferring to logic. Which maintains that from the steady trend of sophistication and refinement of the digital publishing automatically the traditional publishing with its crude nature has no place to take. Also, the logic of the consistent results reliability of digital publishing as compared to the inconsistent results of traditional publishing makes it better.

In the inductive concept, I have used a generalized inductive type because the conclusion follows from the premises based on generalizing or inferring to a larger past sample. The conclusion generalizes that because traditional publishing was crud, then the rise of digital publishing which is refined automatically replaces them.

Deductive argument is more effective in supporting the statement provided because the truth of the premise through the use of logic definitely provides the truth of the conclusion

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