Information Breaching

It was the fourth of February 2015 that information was breached from Anthem data resources. The hackers breached the name, emails, street addresses, social security number of up to 80 million people from health insurance anthem. These included anthem former and current patients, former and current employees including the CEO Joseph R. Swedish. The information breached was very critical; it is a fortune for the criminals involved. It can easily be used for fraud schemes from all over. Although, they did not have access to credit cards and medical records it is one of the most significant cyber attacks done. The information breached would significantly affect the victims. They are prone to attacks for the rest of their lifetime.

Anthem’s breaching was done through a cyber attack. The cyber hackers retrieved all the data records through the internet. The breaching started much earlier before the time it was realized. To ensure that this situation is managed some measures have to be taken. They include making the public aware that their data was tempered with and stolen by cybercriminals. This action will help everyone who has ever received services or worked at the Anthem medical center to take necessary precautions. The affected group of people will also be shown measures that will help them to avoid falling into the traps of the frauds. Actions like; changing their passwords, continually monitoring their credit-related activities and be alert at all times. As well, implementing controls that would instantly detect any breach attempt in the future will be of much help.

I firmly believe that every company should put a little more effort into monitoring their data sources. Issues like cyber attack can significantly affect the brand name. It is, therefore, very vital to install better security services regularly. This action will not be only for the safety of the company but their customers as well. Security is the core of an organization because every customer values their safety.