Information Security and Risk Management

Information security and risk management address risks, threats and vulnerabilities that impact the information system and how they can be rectified. The content helps in the coming up with techniques and methods that an organization can use to mitigate the various threats to their information. The means includes a disaster recovery plan and computer incidence response team among others. This essay will focus on how this topic impacts the students on their future academic endeavors.

Learning about the management of risks in an information system helps ensure that the student is aware of various methods to cub threats brought about by vulnerabilities in our systems. Through this, the leaner will be able to align these risks and solve them which is helpful to the companies they are posted to work in. As a result, they will be able to perform quality risk management which is an essential part of information technology.

The content of this topic helps the learner to know the impacts that the vulnerabilities have on the business. They will be able to try to come up with plans to ensure that the business firms are safe from any threats. In doing so, the business will be able to maintain security for their information as well as saving money that could have been lost. The safe environment created is also helpful to the government as they are also saved from the loss of revenues.

Conclusively, information security and risk management is a good topic that positively impacts learners academic endeavors. The knowledge gained is relevant as they can apply in the business world. They can help the world to save money and information that could have been lost through vulnerabilities in our information system.  The government should support it to ensure many learners gain knowledge for the betterment of our operations as well as the business world.

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