Information Technology on Microsoft Company


Every successful business company around the world bases their prosperity on the proper use of up-date technology including the information system (Dutta, Geiger, & Lanvin, 2015, p. 83). With the changing market trends, it is essential to ensure the use of marketing strategies aimed at reaching a maximum number of consumers. However, achieving this requires proper consideration of the internal organisation of a company and its general managerial practices. Adequate management of a company is among the key factors leading to its success. Therefore, it is essential to consider the use of appropriate means of acquiring modern technology and skilled workforce to assist with the general production process in the company. One of the fundamental technological advancements that should be considered by any business company is the information system (Baller, Dutta, & Lanvin, 2016). The method entails all the procedures used by a specific company to collect all the relevant information on production, distribution, marketing, and general customer satisfaction requirements. The information system is also concerned with public methods for analyzing, interpreting, and analyzing the collected data, which is then implemented to meet all the market needs. Generally, the information system in any given company aims at improving the quality of the company, as well as ensuring proper storage of all valuable information that may be used currently or in future in upgrading the company’s operations. Managing information technology may be inferred from the use of the IT system by notable companies such as Microsoft to inquire and make recommendations on the overall process.

Company’s Background and Information System

Microsoft is a typical international company that heavily relies on the use of IT in its daily business operations. Microsoft was founded by two friends, Bill Gates and Paul Allen, who began the brand by developing the first programming language that was used in the first personal computers. Afterwards, the two inventors derived the name Microsoft from combining microcomputer and software, which were widely being used by then. Some years later, Bill and Allan managed to develop other computer programming languages that significantly increase the demand for their products. In 1990, the company led to creating the first user interface that was used in the first PC (De Villiers, Venter, & Hsiao, 2017). The sales from the interfaces and the programming languages made them displace other manufacturers, and the company was licensed as the best Microsoft developer in the whole world.  The revenue collected from the sales of these programming languages and user interface was used to expand business operations by incorporating the relevant technology that was required for delivery of a complete Microsoft package. Currently, Microsoft is the leading company in American dealing in a range of technology products such as computer software, electronics, and personal computers. The company has emerged among the top international technological innovators that heavily uses IT to meet their customers’’ needs.

With modern technology, Microsoft has managed to secure the use of IT in its day-to-day operations (Lloyd, 2017). The information technology has been of great use since; it is used to gather and research various methods of improving the quality of the products offered by the company. Due to the competition from other companies, Microsoft uses the Management Information Systems (MIS) to develop Custom Information Systems CIS (Laudon, & Laudon, 2015). Developing the CIS enables the company to link various data during the data entry process, which is crucial in cross-referencing the information with different reports that are interpreted to give valuable information. Furthermore, the company relies on the use of a well-developed data model, which have assisted in collecting useful information from customers. The information obtained using the well-developed data model is essential in predicting market trends to avoid risks and uncertainties associated with the changing patterns. On the other hand, Microsoft uses MIS to link on various databases that such as Sage and MSQL, which are used in creating detailed reports. Another important use of MIS by the company is carrying out questionnaire analysis using Microsoft Access, word, and Excel software. The study of the questionnaires is also necessary for ensuring that the company abides by customers’ requirements.

Information Technology Recommendation

Types of Decisions to be Made by Users before Accessing Information System

Microsoft users have their needs being met by the technological design of the Microsoft products with a friendly user interface. However, there are some several critical considerations to be made by the users before accessing the information systems. Types of decisions to be made by users include financial, quality, durability, environmental choices, and Adaptability of the particular product. Under the business arrangement, a user should consider the cost of the information system, which should not be too high to be afforded and too low to raise questions on the quality.

On the other hand, it is essential to consider both short-term and long-term effects of the particular information system on the environment. The information system used by a company should promote the production of Products that are environmentally friendly to avoid environmental problems. Lastly, users need to consider the ability of the information system to adapt to future technological changes. Therefore, for Microsoft to secure a top marketing position, it has to consider using an appropriate information system, which aims at collecting, analyzing, and storing relevant information that can be used to increase the market for is products.

Different Levels of Information Groups

Microsoft Company may rely on different types of information groups to ensure the gathering of appropriate data needed for the general improvement of the company’s operations. The first level of information group that is important in all business organizations is the market or consumer level of information group, which is taken to be the primary sources of managerial information. The information received from consumers is necessary for improving the quality of the products and coming up with strategies of ensuring customer satisfaction (Dolata, 2017). Another information group that can be used by the company is the employees. Every employee in the company has relevant ideas that can be used in improving the management process and the quality of services and products offered by the company. Lastly, the executive members of the company and the management team are valuable sources of information that can be used in the general improvement of this company. The information may have been collected from various sources such as seminars and workshops and if implemented in the right way, may result in the increased success of the organization.

Need for System automation

Microsoft should embrace the use of system automation, which has proved to be having several benefits to various software organizations. System automation is one of the most critical requirements in business organizations as it reduces the workload to be performed under the supervision of human being (Riley, 2018, p.40). Since the system helps to reduce the workload in any given company including Microsoft Company, it is a basic need for Microsoft Company.

Benefits of the Proposed System

The system automation helps streamline workflow within various software produced by software companies. Through these systems, companies can develop multiple custom applications that can be used to track and type all the required information by companies. The automated systems are necessary for creating worksheets, which are nowadays being built using the Excel program, and to interpret data and databases. Furthermore, system automation has enabled software companies such as Microsoft to produce software used in the validation of other software before the company can use them. Also, system automation is crucial when it comes to reducing the workload and increasing the efficiency and speed of information processing. Therefore, it should be embraced by companies wishing to improve on the way they handle their information.

Types of Database and Data Elements

The major types of databases used by Microsoft are hierarchical databases, network databases, and Relational databases. Hierarchical databases are used to store data in a parent-children relationship node. The data stored is easy to update due to the relationship between the interrelated nodes. The database model is essential in ensuring all data, both small and big data are recorded or updated accordingly. The database is typically applied by the company when recording daily information received by few consumers or employees due to its ease of updating new information. A network database is another database that uses the network to create relationships between entities. The database is typically used in sizeable digital computer and can be used to store big data. Besides, relational data uses tabular and graphs relational forms.  Software companies such as Microsoft uses data elements such as alphanumeric data, numeric, date, and time to meet the information processing needs within the company.

Networking and Interactive Process

Networking is a very vital aspect that should be considered by the company to meet all the market requirements for their products. Achieving the required networking calls for an interactive process achieved through attending seminars and workshops, carrying out detailed online and physical researchers on the various market trends, and how the company can strategize to minimize risks and uncertainties associated with negative patterns. Microsoft being a multinational company, the networking process should involve sources for relevant business information from resource persons from different countries. Business individuals or companies from specific countries may have important marketing information concerning the particular, and this can be used to increase the company’s operations within the particular nation.

Centralization Versus Decentralization

Centralization and decentralization of a company’s activities may depend on the size and range or nature of the products dealt in. The services and operations of Microsoft Company are decentralized since; it has several offices in various countries in which the sales and distribution are controlled. Decentralization of a company’s services may aim at reaching a more significant market compared to when it is centralized.

End-User Computing Needs

Microsoft Company should develop end-user computing needs to enable consumers who are non-programmers to receive relevant concepts and ideas that they can use to create specific software applications (Shi, Cao, Zhang, Li, & Xu, 2016, p.640). The company can use the idea of developing end-user computing needs as one of their marketing strategies since; most consumers will automatically prefer the system. It will also enable the company to increase its range of products that will be an added advantage to its financial gain.

Recommendations to Develop the System Software

Microsoft should embark on developing a system software that will play roles in analyzing, interpreting, and storing all the information collected by a user. The software should be created to adapt to future technological changes and fulfil the current and future demands of the users. The development would not only help in satisfying the consumers’ long-term needs but would also benefit the company financially.

Potential Security Threats

Despite advancement in the information technology used by the company, several security threats have increased with the general increase in technology. Some programmers have succeeded in developing specific software that can be used to access organizational information illegally. Cyber crimes have become one of the challenges in the information technology sector, and this has adversely affected most companies. Therefore, Microsoft as a leading software designer should try to find the appropriate solution of blocking the hackers from reaching confidential information from various organizations. In other words, they should develop software to ensure the security of the IT sector.


Ultimately, the information system is one of the most critical factors contributing to the success of most companies around the world. Microsoft Company, a leading software developer an automated system to ensure efficiency of all the activities carried out in the company. The appropriateness of the IT system used by any given company determines its success rate as in the case of Microsoft Company.





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