Infrastructure is an important aspect to consider when conducting business may it be locally or internationally. Germany has a challenge especially for transportation of heavy materials because the bridges are old with some of them ripping off and others ad breaking (Audretsch, Heger, & Veith, 2015). Traffic jam is another aspect that should be evaluated keenly because every business requires infrastructure to transport both raw materials as well as the finished goods. Poor infrastructure is attributed to a lack of investment in the sector. The government is, however, is investing in the construction of roads, railways, bridges, and waterways.

Project managers should budget for alternative means of transport such as air and water before venturing into the business. The country’s air transport is developed with the World best airlines such as Lufthansa (Audretsch, Heger, & Veith, 2015). Marine transport is also developed with ports such as Kiel, Rostock, and Luebeck. If the business venture is industrial the project will have to consider the accessibility of raw materials and the supply of energy. For this reason, the manager should consider setting up the business near the ports where the supply of raw materials, as well as coal, is adequate.

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