Innovativeness for Competitive Advantage


Companies may move ahead of the competition by doing things in new and different ways. What are some innovative ideas you would like to apply to your company to be ahead of the competitions?



Innovativeness and creativity in the workplace is product two main components; a qualified and motivated workforce, and conducive work environment. Therefore building a conducive work environment and culture encourages the exchange of ideas and creativity among employees for better productivity. Furthermore, a company must do things differently, and employees have the motivation and freedom to create and implement new ideas. Notably, a company that does not allows the implementation of new ideas and technology becomes redundant as customers move to companies that provide more value for their money. A company cannot force innovativeness but set the right environment. There exists a wide range of ways in which a company can creatively stay ahead of others in the competition.

First, company leadership should create a comfortable environment for employees. A flexible and relaxed work environment inculcates a sense of teamwork and belonging whereby productive ideas flow for better productivity. An organisation should encourage an environment where the boss easily mingles with employees. Again, some formalities may be broken if necessary to allow better performance for example time of reporting to work, should not be so strict that latecomers are punished because it does not guarantee that when employee report to work early will be productive.

Secondly, an organisation should encourage diversity for enhanced problem solving and meeting organisational objectives. For instance, employees should be of different capabilities, backgrounds and passions; this helps multi-dimensional problem-solving approach to business problems.

Generally, HR should focus on employee welfare for a motivated workforce and once a team spirit is embraced an organisation stays ahead of others. In conclusion, a company stays afloat if it moves away from a traditional way of doing things and adopts the modern methods of doing things.




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